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Go for Amazon Penny Deal or Wait for Nexus?

xupru 21 Nov 2011, 15:43 posted on

If there is a better place for this thread I will move the discussion there. I have followed phonearena for a while now and I wish to make an educated decision when getting my first one.

There's multiple parts to this situation, hopefully I can present it in a comprehensible manner.

I want a smartphone with the ability to provide wireless hotspot function, sufficient data on its plan, sufficient screen graphics to let me watch my high definition videos while commuting, and a certain amount of future proofness.

I had this desire... since June? And last month I was about to jump on either the Iphone 4s or Galaxy SII. But when I tested them out in the store, the Iphone's screen seemed too small for my desire to watch videos, and the Galaxy SII while nice, provided videos that seemed pixelated next to the Iphone, basically the resolution didn't seem good enough and I had heard rumors of Galaxy Nexus being 720p and since my family plan with T-mobile wasn't up until after December and I didn't quite want to jump providers at the time, I decided to wait.

But now I'm fine with jumping providers, it will mean an extra $80 out of my pockets per month, but I'm fine with that.

1. Data Plan Issue: Verizon is currently having a data plan promotion throughout the holidays (Ends November? They don't say!) where they're giving you double the data for the same price. So 10 gb for $50 instead of 5 gb, 4 gb for $30 instead of 2, and 6 gb with hotspot for $50 instead of 4 gb. One of my focuses is the hotspot function to allow my laptop to access the internet when I don't have another source. I know that normal people barely use up 2 gb in data, but since I'll be streaming videos from youtube, be on the internet pretty much 12 hours a day (hopefully with option to switch to 2g/3g to conserve batteries), as well using data on my laptop, I feel like I will be using a large amount of data, unsure if it will break 6 gbs or if it'll get close or exceed 10 gb, won't know until I do it I guess. But this promotion makes Verizon my top carrier choice since it provides a good amount of data at a good price, while providing solid 4g LTE network.

Issue: 4 gb, 10 gb, or 6 gb with hotspot plan? Hotspot issue will be covered below.

posted on 21 Nov 2011, 15:45 1

2. xupru (Posts: 17; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

I'm not familiar with selling on Ebay, so I don't see myself able to sell the Rezound or Razr and buying the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out to reduce my expenses. So I will either stick with the phone from Amazon for the full two years, or bear the full off-contract price of Nexus IF it comes out, which is undesirable.

Issue: Take the awesome deal and get pigeon-holed into a phone I don't love and hotspot payment, or ignore the tempting $400 and go with my original plan.

b. HTC Rezound or Droid Razr: Minor issue or Major depending on if I choose to take the Amazon Deal, but after playing with both phones, I don't love either.

While Razr's Super Amoled produces much vivid/awesome magenta/blue/etc. colors compared to Rezound's LCD, it lacks the White white that Rezound has, and instead has a yellowish/green hue to it's white. In my opinion, white is a very important color, so I'm torn on this subject, you can even see the different in black and white scenes, Super Amoled has it slightly yellow/green. Razr has the more unique form and will boost my ego in it's coolness ( I joke, kinda) but it might just be a little wide and skinny for me to feel comfortable with it, whereas HTC is definitely bigger and plain (almost ugly) in design, but I can handle bigger... not sure about ugly. Both don't have Ice Cream Sandwich and IMO won't have it for half a year minimum. Razr is slightly better in battery life, speakers, speed... but not by much. HTC includes decent earphones... woot.

Issue: HTC Rezound or Droid Razr as either temp/permanent phone.

Wrap up:

So do I jump onto this Deal and get say a HTC Rezound and give up on my hopes for Nexus, maybe pay the entire amount for it in the future? Do I get 10 gb plan and root the phone for hotspot, or do I get the 6 gb with hotspot and forget rooting and it's other perks, and take the $100 gift certificate and avoid possible problems and delays trying to root.


Go to the store and buy it there for $300 more, which data plan then? And then exchange in for the Nexus when it comes out... whenever. And then root it or not depending on plan I get today?

Sorry for all the overthinking, but you can probably see why this is giving me a headache, hope it didn't give you one either.

More Overthinking:
1. One could just order the global Nexus and use it on T-mobile or AT&T, but that seems complicated and cause potential problems.
2. Why is Galaxy S2 better than Nexus in some regards? Stupid Exynos... and other things... makes me want to just get Galaxy S2 and avoid all of these issues... or maybe even an Iphone 4S. Seriously, this situation is draining me so much, take me down to the no questions needed world of Iphones.

Any Input at all would be welcome!

posted on 21 Nov 2011, 22:14 1

3. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

Well, if I needed a lot of data I would go with the 50.00 plan which is 8 GB and tethring, right? As for phone - I am going with RAZR as I like having external SD card - the screen resolution thing, is, IMO, way overblown....

posted on 13 Dec 2011, 04:23

4. ubt01 (Posts: 1; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

Good Quetsion

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