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Release date for Sprint any time soon?!?!?!?!

nmerry77 29 Feb 2012, 08:16 posted on

I have been with sprint for almost 12 years....you would think by now they would have their crap together..but no! how long ago was this phone "announced to be with sprint" and theres still no release date!!!! COME ON, REALLY!!! All the other carriers are constantly pushing out newer and greater phones...Sprint..not so much...Sincerly thinking of Switching to At&T or Vzw....They actually get awesome phones...Sprint seems like they just dont care anymore...and the people that complain about the price of the phone....I DONT CARE ABOUT THE PRICE< I JUST WANT A NEW, AWESOME PHONE!!! I STILL HAVE MY ORIGIONAL EPIC 4G,WITH THE KEYBOARD BC NOTHING HAS BEEN ANY BETTER,BESIDES THE GS2! Okay, done ranting, in conclusion, I really LOVE this phone and would LOVE to buy I t for Sprint.....So please,PLEASE. Release it soon! Or at least give me a release date, something to look forward to!! Thanks.

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