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Samsung Function Discussions


Does the samsung function phone have flash?

okay most phones like this dont have flash but i would like to know if it does cause im a flsh lover and thats my question does this phone have flash or no?

Author: rena789, Last reply: TimothyJ   on 08 Aug 2011, 07:10


3G or 4G???

Anyone know if SSG2 will be 3 or 4G??

Author: matz7, Last reply: Tom   on 27 Jul 2011, 12:40


Not at all

Not ridiculous at all? This thing will cost Verizon FAR more than $300. This is essentially a 1.2Ghz dual core laptop, an 8Mp camera, a 2Mp camera, a 1080p HD camcorder, cell ...

Author: Joe, Last reply: how2troll101   on 25 Jul 2011, 19:34


Simultaneous call and surf?

anyone know if this phone supports simultaneous call and surf?

Author: soon808l, Last reply: RatMan   on 23 Jul 2011, 12:33



Looking FWD to the Samsung, they are being really *HUSH HUSH* about it. Q3 release date, but with the release of the LG, Bionic will Samsung get in the mix anytime soon? I really ...

Author: gfbarrera, Last reply: One-Eyed Willie   on 14 Jul 2011, 10:52


pricing of samung function?

does anyone have an idea of how much this phone will be? because i am definitely not paying the price of 299.99 just like the droid charge, that's rediculous.

Author: chels,, Last reply: wagga!   on 24 Jun 2011, 01:52

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