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Samsung Fasinate Survival guide / tweaks

Jrife74 (unregistered) 19 Mar 2011, 01:30 posted on

1.) First of all download google maps in the market

2.) Go into browser go to settings and make "www.google.com " your homepage.

3.) Turn off phone and turn back on

4.) Download " Android Booster" in the market

5.) go into the Android Booster app and hit optimize button then go the task manager and disable Android Booster app and exit out of app. Now ready to rock and roll. Do this when memory is needed to be free and speed is a must.

6.) Download cool cleaner app in the market. (works great for clearing cache)

7.) Keep you history, Cache, Cookies, Data cleared every couple days by going into broswer then settings.

8.) Let battery completly drain once a week and do a full recharge/ Shut off phone once every other day.

9.) Turn off Backgroud in phone setting by going to Accounts & Sync.while not using the market.

10.) Use black background by taking a picture of darkness and using this as your background. Live Wallpapers eat memory and kill battery.

11.) Only have " 1" home screen delete the others by going into Edit by hitting very buttom left button next to the home button. go in and delete the other home screens.

12.) Android booster, Cool Cleaner, Google Maps, all the apps you need.. Maybe a couple of your choice if you want.

Everything you need to know about you Samsung Fascinate to be the best phone on the market,,,,,,,,

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