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2.2 Froyo update

nola7820 (unregistered) 10 Dec 2010, 12:55 posted on

Just to tell everyone know, just spoke with a sprint rep and was told if you bring your epic into a Sprint store, they will update it to the 2.2 update. No need to wait for the OTA update!! Woo hoo. GO TO SPRINT!!

posted on 16 Dec 2010, 09:58

1. nola7820 (Posts: 11; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

Ummm, yeah. They lie. Went to the store and the said that it would still be a couple of weeks before the update is to come out. This is unbelievable. They might as well just skip the 2.2 update and just to straight to the 2.3 Gingerbread.

posted on 01 Jan 2011, 13:00

2. treymetrey (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Jan 2011)

you are so right.Sprints reps. &employees much go to school to lie.They are getting to be habitial liers.And their word is simply no good.One will promise ya one thing and when it comes down to it they pass they buck.Hang up or have to go to the back in the store.Ive had the moment for 13 plus months.Its a piece of JUNK. I went in the store to have it updated.They said they did.I looked at my friends and he has a whole different priogram.SAME PHONE>>SAME STORE>>>BOTH SPRINT....ALL LIERS!!!!!!!

posted on 16 Feb 2011, 23:43

3. EPIC Failure (unregistered)

7 months later still no update to 2.2 for the Epic. They have seem to have abandoned the people that bought into the Hype. They dont care because they got my money already. Like an idiot I bought 2. Biggest mistake was trading in an EVO for the slide out keyboard.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 20:22

4. hckygoalie957 (unregistered)

Epic my butt ive had 2 differant issues with this phone issue 1 radio antenna was bad, issue 2 main screen unresponsive and menu buttons WILL NOT work. sprint refuses to help and calling samsung on this issue is like talking to a brick wall. my advice for sprint and samsung start testing you products before releasing this product into the wild. advice for users unless you like headache and issues with your phones go with something differant.

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