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My fingers are crossed over here.

Septembersrain 27 Aug 2012, 17:18 posted on

That Boost Mobile will be able to sell a few of these before this Apple fiasco has them being pulled off the shelves.

As a Boost Mobile Store Manager, I am aware of how great having this phone will be. It's an absolute drag that Apple can't let innovation speak for itself. They just have to sue everyone all the while using software code from Androids. Lucky for them that Android OS is open source right? All these patents are just causing companies like Apple to become a monopoly!

It's ridiculous how one can patent a processor on a phone when it's widely known that same processors are used in different computers.
Yet you don't hear people screaming foul over that do you?

They are just mad that Samsung could make a comparable product and sell it at a fraction of the cost because it doesn't carry the decrepit and overrated iOS on it.

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