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Samsung Epic 4G Touch Discussions


Wich Bluetooth speaker is the best?

Hey guys i'm Joyee and i have a question and i think all you guys like tech so maybe also people that know much about speakers? I'm about to buy a Mini Bluetooth speaker but i ...

Author: joyeelu    Started: 25 May 2016, 01:17    Last reply: joyeelu


My fingers are crossed over here.

That Boost Mobile will be able to sell a few of these before this Apple fiasco has them being pulled off the shelves. As a Boost Mobile Store Manager, I am aware of how great ...

Author: Septembersrain    Started: 27 Aug 2012, 17:18    Last reply: Septembersrain


Not the Epic anymore

Yea, I'd have to agree with Harborseal, I got the Epic because it has a great and large qwerty board to go with the specs, if the Epic didn't have the keyboard, I would've gotten ...

Author: K Ryland    Started: 21 Sep 2011, 14:16    Last reply: aztecgod106


No Sliding keyboard?

I'll wait for the 5.2" version with sliding keyboard.

Author: Harborseal    Started: 09 Sep 2011, 15:03    Last reply: aztecgod106


Issues with applications

Im having issues keeping certain applications up and running, the phone will just shut programs off while I'm in the middle of playing. Games like plants vs zombies and ...

Author: G2userLuvit    Started: 28 Sep 2011, 14:34    Last reply: G2userLuvit


CDMA EPIC 2 in India

hi, if anyone wants CDMA Epic Touch 4G in India with full settings done and registered with high speed internet u may contact me at shadaabsharik at gmail

Author: Shrek, Last reply: Shrek   on 24 Sep 2011, 04:13

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