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Samsung Captivate User Reviews

7.9 Based on 30 Reviews

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Call quality7.9/10
Build quality7.6/10
Text input8.1/10
Everyday usage7.1/10
UI speed6.3/10


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posted on 30 Jul 2010, 10:03


Pretty Amazing

I got this phone because I was tired of the OS of the I phone.  To my surprise I found that I really enjoy the Captivate and it's android OS.

The phone is very light and fits in my hand very well.  One of the things I read in many reviews is that the phone feel plasticky.  Really?  The phone is made of plastic what else is it supposed to feel like?  I guess I don't know the difference in between high end and low end plastic.  LOL  But it is built very well it doesn't give that bend and squeek like cheaper phones.

 The Captaviate is the perfect fit as far as screen size not too small like the Aria and not too big like the EVO and Droid X.  The Brightness of the screen is amazing.  At first I looked up one video off of my friends Facebook and it looked dull and embarssing I almost took the phone back.  But when I actually went to You Tube and looked at some things I was so impressed.  Yes I almost made a big mistake.  I think that the Captivate's screen is right up there with Apple but I would have to say that Apple's screen makes things look slightly better.  I think it's just the smaller screen that's actually makes things look the way they due.  I would love to see a 4 inch apple display then you could compare them fairly.  It seems like finger prints show up more on this screen then...  

Design 9/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10


  • 1 GHZ Processor
  • Android OS
  • Ease of use with Touch WIZ


  • No Camera Flash
  • Finger Prints (not a big deal but still)

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posted on 24 Jul 2010, 00:53 (Posts: 1017; Member since: 14 Dec 2008)


Just about Perfect (Except for TouchWiz)

The design of the Captivate is a major departure from the other Galaxy S devices. A nice faux carbon fiber soft material cover the metal battery cover, which itself has a unique design.

Let's get down to the guts of the phone. The TouchWiz UI is just something that brings this phone down. Replacing the TouchWiz launhers with a launcher like LauncherPro Plus for example really bring this beast to life. With some more tweaking, most of the lag and slow downs from the stock version are pretty much gone.

(This phone can also be rooted and non-market apps can be enabled, yes you CAN side-load apps if you take the time to figure out how to do it.)

Some Concerns:
1. GPS Issues need to be addressed with a software update. (hopefully)
2. Signal meter fluctuates all the time. (Have never dropped a call because of it though.)
3. Soft key lights only stay on for 2 seconds when you release screen. This needs to be adjustable in the settings.

Design 10/10
Features 8/10
Performance 9/10


  • 4.0" Super AMOLED Display
  • Super Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy Build
  • 1Ghz Processor


  • No Camera flash (no biggie)
  • No Front facing camera (no biggie)

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posted on 21 Jul 2010, 22:54


Fantastic phone.

I bought this phone today and I absolutely love it.
It's really zippy compared to most phones on the market today. I also love the build quality, it doesn't feel cheap (it better not feel cheap for a $499 off contract price.)
I didn't have any difficulty setting anything up, and everything was really easy to use. 

My phone history goes something like this:
Samsung sgh-t119
Sony Ericson w580i
Samsung Propel
And the AT&T Fuze.

and switching over from something like the fuze was like waking up to the real world of phones. 

This phone does everything I need and so much more.

Design 8/10
Features 9/10
Performance 10/10


  • good battery
  • interface is easy to use
  • sturdy
  • good camera
  • amazing display
  • the speakers are LOUD and crisp.
  • Call quality is good too
  • Internal memory
  • Fast, very fast.


  • No flash on the camera
  • no physical keyboard

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posted on 21 Jul 2010, 19:36


Love the Samsung Captivate, the phone we've been waiting for

Yes, there is always something better just over the horizon with anything in technology. You hear things like it doesn't have the just released new OS, the next phone will have a better UI, etc., etc. You can sit on the fence until doomsday and there will always be the next great thing. The rule is, right after you buy your hot new gadget, it'll be obsoleted by a new one. That's the entire goal of the industry.So, where does that leave us with the Galaxy S based AT&T Wireless Captivate? Well, in my wife's and my opinion with one well thought out, well designed and simply amazing phone. Android 2.1 is a completely capable OS and the wealth of applications in the marketplace are amazing. My wife used to use her phone only for placing calls and she liked it that way.When I introduced her to the Captivate in the store her whole perspective on what a cell phone was for changed. Now she is using her phone as a tool for all kinds of things from looking up recipes on allrecipies.com right in the kitchen, navigating from place to place, keeping track of her schedule to keeping in touch with me.You can read all over what the Captivate lacks - oh, it has no front facing camera, it's only running 2.1, etc., etc. What you won't read in those reviews is that AT&T finally has a completely capable Android phone with good battery life and more features than you can shake a stick at. So, are you an AT&T Wirelss customer like we are? Stop sitting on the fence...  

Design 10/10
Features 9/10
Performance 9/10


  • Right size 4" screen - the AMOLED screen on this is quite good
  • Fast wifi performance and excellent video playback
  • A pleasant UI without too much clutter.
  • Ease of use - the Android OS and UI are easy to navigate.
  • Swype preinstalled
  • Good quality stills and great 720P recording.


  • You've seen these elsewhere
  • Occasionally, slight pause on some UI actions(button presses)
  • Android 2.1 currently - I bet the pauses are gone in 2.2.
  • Lack of Flash 10.1(Needs Andoird 2.2)
  • No camera flash
  • The local stores are sold out. (Oh, wait that a pro for Samsung)

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posted on 20 Jul 2010, 19:31


Samsung Captivate

 At long last, a powerful Android device lands on AT&T and it's a home-run. I love the screen size and the usefulness of TouchWiz 3.0 outweighs how bad most people, including myself, think it looks. Very slim and not cheap feeling in my hand. I came from a Nexus One and feel like this phone beats it in many ways. It is very fast and the screen is the BOMB. I think the only drawback is the length of time between updates is longer compared to the Nexus, and thats it. My only wish is that they included a front facing camera like the original Galaxy S.

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Performance 9/10


  • Nice feel in hand.
  • FAST.
  • Screen is one of the best in the industry.
  • Runs Android of course!


  • No front facing camera.
  • Updates might take a while to get.
  • Only get apps from the app market, but there are other ways.....

8 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Do you?

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