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When I9000 meets T159801-the super combination

mumuo (unregistered) 30 Dec 2010, 21:32 posted on

As the equipped bluetooth head of i9000 can only used for answering calls and I can't listen to music, I planned to buy bt30. It's a pity it's out of stock. Then I searched it online.

To my surprise, I find the interestinghttp://www.chinazrh.com/wholesale-bluetooth-stereo-headset-with-keypad-1231-p-4605.html T159801 bluetooth headset.

It's white colored. It's shaped like a mini phone. Plug the earphone inot the 3.5mm earphone jack. Realizing the bluetooth activeSync, except for the general answering and hang up function, you can synchronize the call history of i9000 to the T159801.

You can check the contact name or inputthe number to dial a number. You can listen to the music. You can select the song and ajust the volume. There is the OLED third lines text display. You can set the ring or vibration,power volume, function keys as well as the present status.

When the call is coming, there is the ring in the earphone. If you don't plug the earphone, you can treat the T159801 as the mini phone of i9000 and pick it directly to answer your call as the mini phone has a microphone and headphone.

I enjoy it pleasantly! Happy to share it with you!

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