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Samsung GT-S7550B Blue Earth?

YetanotherGuest 19 Oct 2010, 02:34 posted on

Hello,What is the difference between the Samsung GT-S7550 Blue Earth and the Samsung GT-S7550B ?From research, the Samsung GT-S7550B Blue Earth is currently limited to South America.These two models look exactly the same, is the other model no. different cause its different country or is it really another model with different features?www.bluetooth.com/English/Products/Pages/ProductListingDetail.aspx?ProductID=10016 Thanks if you could reply and help me clarify ^^ sorry for my bad English

posted on 23 Oct 2010, 23:36

1. User222 (unregistered)

From what you have just said about the 2 phones looking exactly the same, the 'Samsung GT-S7550B Blue Earth phone' , may be just another Samsung Blue Earth phone, just that the " 'B' version" may have been modified (internal parts, etc.) to meet the requirements or to suit another country in the world. Hope this helps to clear your doubts. 8)

I have a Blue Earth, and its GREAT! ^^

posted on 09 Nov 2010, 17:05

2. curious (unregistered)

I am thinking of getting a SAMSUNG BLUE EARTH phone off the internet. I wonder if they work in canada( specifically ontario canada). I will be going with ROGERS which is on 850/ 1900 gsm. Also, were these phones ever released in the united states or canada?

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