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want this

kyeongshik 16 Mar 2010, 09:07 posted on

I'm having trouble deciding whether to go for this phone or not. I've heard really good things about it. I wish the body was a little less plasticy. I would love a hero legend all metal body style, something that feels substantial in the hands. But I guess you have to compromise sometimes. I've also heard the battery life isn't the greatest. And if you're going to use this phone to its potential it should last longer than a third of the day.

posted on 20 Apr 2010, 13:07

2. ostranderterry (Posts: 61; Member since: 14 Apr 2010)

I love mine, all the apps and multitasking is awesome - the thing is stout too, i pulled into my apt complex the other day and there was some baby mamma drama goin on, the lady asked to use my phone and that tool knocked it out of her hand - only scratch was on the back cover, thing still runs like a champ, my 2 yr old spilled some soda on it too, never had a problem, my wife has one too and, once again, our 2 yr old knocked hers into the toilet - we put it in some rice for 2 days, took it out, runs great, love this phone!

posted on 20 Apr 2010, 09:01

1. corps1089 (Posts: 492; Member since: 20 Jan 2010)

My wife just upgraded from a LG Lotus to the Palm Pre and is very happy. She wanted something smaller than my HTC touch Pro and her older Treo 700P. The keyboard seemed small at first but is very usable if you are not writing a whole novel. It has been very good at easing her into the smartphone age. At first she did not like the integration aspect with facebook and email contacts, but now she loves it after 2 weeks. she uses Pandora all the time while walking, the speaker is very loud [I'm jealous] and never has a problem getting through the day on 1 charge. She doesn't make many calls, but does send about 2000 txt messages a month and has WiFi and Bluetooth enabled all day long...

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