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Nokia Lumia 800 Firmware (1600.2487.8107.12070) Has a MAJOR Camera Bug!

Ally_Pereira 28 Mar 2012, 13:37 posted on

I'm not sure if many people have paid a keen eye to the existing bug in the latest update (1600.2487.8107.12070) the battery fix may be all fine and dandy, happily chugging along with 21 hours and more with excessive usage and the backlit keys work absoloutely fine in all brightness setting from low to high. how ever, on the other hand it has ruined the camera. The white balance is totally off, while panning from different areas with different room lighting the colours go all haywire giving you washed out picture, there's an excessive amount of flicker while taking in-door pictures and as for taking pictures in the night, it blows out all the colours leaving it with a greenish/yellowish glow tint.. literally It's annoying as hell. I'm currently using my second Lumia 800, I got rid of the first one thinking that the phone was defective with the camera issue on the latest firmware (12070) and also not forgetting to mention I had terrible battery life on the previous firmware (11500) but the camera was fantastic on it. I got rid of my first Lumia 800 and got my self another one, back on (11500) firmware.. the pictures were superb, in-door, out-door and night photography and my battery was perfect on the (11500) firmware. For the right reason I was reluctant to update my second Lumia to the new firmware (12070) but decided to go ahead with it since I was under the impression that my first Lumia 800 was faulty and then right after I got done with updating the phone I was stuck in the same predicament as I was in with the first Lumia, an extremely horrible camera, though the battery seems to be perfectly fine.

Now I'm in a fix and avoid taking pictures cause of this bug, I'm growing frustrated with this phone and waiting impatiently for a resolve with the next update which is due when the Lumia 900 is launched where Nokia has stated that there will be many features including the panoramic view and the colour balance fix for the camera.

Nokia seriously needs to have this stuff sorted out ASAP, the Lumia 800 is currently still the flagship phone until they release the Lumia 900 and with the issues half of the world has faced with the Lumia 800, it's definitely going to take Nokia down hill considering that this is their first attempt to introducing Windows Phone 7.

Like it's said 'The first impression is the last impression'.

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