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Nokia Drive working extremely poor

mobi_user 30 Jul 2013, 09:26 posted on

The only Nokia product, Nokia Maps is working way too poorly.

In USA, I am having a horrible experience with Nokia Maps. I am listing few of the instances.

1. It is not able to locate Walmart location.

I searched for Walmart, and it gave me location as 150 RT-70, Evesham Twp, 08053. When I drove to that place with my friend, there is just a broken building. No walmart. After I compared it with Google maps, the location is absolutely different. Check it yourself.

2.Giving wrong directional path

I was driving with my friends from Long Beach Island, NJ to Mount Laurel NJ. The map showed me way to drive to a toll road and then into other street. It made us drive 25 miles etc. How I know, we followed google maps while going and used the nokia maps while coming back. After coming back, when we compare the paths, we got the genious inside the Nokia Maps. It cost both time and money to us.

3. Not able to locate Best Buy.

I tried to drive to Best Buy, at Nixon Dr, Mt Laurel, NJ. The maps tell the Best Buy location to be at place, where there is actually exit for I295-South. Best Buy is 300 m further from it, on the straight line. Had to take assistance of Google maps after that.

4. If I am driving through a road which has a adjacent service lane. The maps keeps on showing that I am driving on the service lane, and then goes with it turn left, turn right slogan.

All these times, some or other friend had been with me, now non of them wants to buy Nokia phone. They do not even want me to open the maping service even on the phone. I gave the locations to tell this is a genuine complain.

Nokia needs to understand that the DSLR are not that expensive anymore. So one does not need to depend on mobile for good pictures.
They promise a service, and people pay money to buy the phone. To get that service. But it turns out that it is just a fake service promised.

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