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E7 is to damn expensive

superpooburger 08 Mar 2011, 07:04 posted on

Ok today i went in shop and actualy holded the device. It does feel in hand better then iPhone. Features is not as good as iPhone. So i was shocked when i compered prices of it with iPhone, (contact prices for mine carrier...). i will convert currency to $$$$ so you understand aproximelty how shocked i was. (contract 2 years)
First payment for iPhone 4 16gb: 98$
Montly payment for iPhone 4 16gb: 28$
Well those is damn good prices, compered with adnroid crap, i see no reason to buy any android device with contract from mine carrier....
So i check prices for E7 with 2year contract...
First payment for E7: 98$
Monlty payment for E7: 26$

So i am wondering, WTF i would buy E7 if for almost same money i can get best device in market (which i will not buy). ..

posted on 12 Mar 2011, 05:57

1. ????? (unregistered)

its the same shit as n8 and c7 so why i have to pay double price just cuz of hardwaer keyboard? 4" screen is shit with less resulation i prefer iphone 4 for sure or nexus s or galaxy s even though symbian its going to die by end of gthis year

posted on 14 Mar 2011, 04:39

2. a kong (unregistered)

I bought Nokia E7 last week..great phone for person like me..I bought Apple 3 before and another apple 4 for my daugther but when I sign recontract again I took E7 altough it very expensive another 2 buck $600 for but i still love the design and function especially when suft at home using wifi and my new fibre optic super fast.

For me is apple good for gaming and brand that why lot peoples like it but not for me a bit boring that not like Nokia because they knew what we want.

My hobby..always like to change latest phone and use only less than a year.

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