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Weird specs

m0nti13 29 Jun 2010, 08:37 posted on

Why does the Droid X show ~8100MB of Read Only Memory and 0 internal memory when doing a compare with another phone? I was under the impression that ROM was used for burned in boot and OS software and you can't really use ROM as storage(music, running programs, pics, etc.). Correct me if i'm wrong but, RAM = Memory used to load programs/media currently being accessed by the processor ROM = Burned in memory used to have a hardened static image of what is needed when the device starts. This image is loaded into RAM and run from there. You shouldn't need 8GB for this!!!! Internal memory = the device equiilant to a hard drive on the PC, usually some sort of soldered on Flash memory. Am I getting this wrong, is there EVER a need for 16X the amount of ROM as RAM?

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