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I'mTheDroidYoureLookingFor (unregistered) 28 Jun 2011, 19:46 posted on

Is the rumor that this will work with Motorola's Lapdock still alive or has that been debunked?

posted on 07 Jul 2011, 14:25

1. Jesse C (unregistered)

No this will not work with the Atrix laptop dock,mainly because the atrix has 1 gb of ram where as this droid 3 only has 512, the missing 512 of ram in the droid 3 would have run the laptop dock. Tho I will say that the usb and hdmi out are in the correct positions to dock with the laptop dock ( atleast it appeared that way to me ). But then again you may not need the laptop dock ( i would have liked it as an optional accesory ) since the droid 3 has hdmi output mirroring so just plug it into your tv and use the Xoom bluetooth keyboard and your all set lol.

posted on 07 Jul 2011, 15:12

2. Maenxe (unregistered)

Yeah, cuz that's portable...

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 15:29

3. R2D2 (unregistered)

I had the original Droid and a dock for it. Upgraded to a Droid 3 and bought this dock for it. The dock for the original Droid was weighted. It was substantial and would not move around when you docked the phone. This one is a lightweight. What's worse, the HDMI port is located beside the USB port on the phone. Most users like me need the USB to charge the phone. Not the HDMI. Having both ports together makes the phone MUCH harder to dock - even with two hands. You have to get it aligned just right whereas the Droid 1 just fell onto its dock and was just as easy to pull off. My solution - it works great! Take a pair of strong pliers and grasp the HDMI plug (not the USB!!!) then twist. Take a sharp flat blade screw driver and pry back and forth over the stub and wire that is the remainder of the HDMI plug. When it's gone and smooth and only the USB plug remains in the dock, you can slip the Droid 3 into the dock with one hand and effortlessly pull it off after charging.

posted on 24 Aug 2011, 06:01

4. Solraven (unregistered)

@R2D2 perhaps you would have been happier with the wireless charger. Verizon has a special right now buy the charging mat and you get the back door with induction coil built in for free. on top of that the mat works with any other induction charging device adhering to the Qi standard. or they alyays have the cheep sync dock on ebay

i for one wish they built a hub in to the media dock for usb periferals.

posted on 14 Oct 2011, 03:27

5. T.J. (unregistered)

The Atrix lap dock also wont work with the Droid 3 because the USB port is turned the opposite way (or upside down) on the Droid 3. The spacing between the USB and HDMI seams to be the same though. I guess this may be a way for us to tell in the future if a phone will be able to use the lap dock when we see those secret pictures "leaked". Just look for the longer side to be at the top and it should fit.

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