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Even SMALLER Defy?! Why?!

BooneGibson 06 Jan 2012, 08:53 posted on

Why in the world would Motorola choose to make an even SMALLER Defy model?! I had the original Defy when I was with T-Mobile and I LOVED the ruggedness and waterproof qualities of the device! My only real complaint was the small size of the device. There was also the issue of the ridiculous port covers that were supposed to keep water out of the headset jack and the micro-USB ports! Now that Motorola has incorporated the nano-coating process to protect their internal circuitry, which can been seen with their Razr and Xyboard devices, I am at a loss as to why these flimsy port covers still a necessity. They wore out quickly and were a nuisance to deal with. Being in my line of work, I often relied on the ruggedness and waterproof qualities of the device when working out in the elements, but the device’s size was always a factor. I wanted a larger Defy model, perhaps one the size of their Photon 4G or Razr, but definitely NOT small! Who is Motorola going to market this device to, hobbits?! Come on, Motorola!

posted on 07 Jan 2012, 06:52

1. Gothbeard (Posts: 54; Member since: 28 Jun 2010)

Someone should tell Motorola that 'Mini' normally means it is smaller than the original, not bigger.
Defy Mini: 109 x 58.5 x 12.55 mm
Defy: 107 x 59 x 13.4 mm

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