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LG Rumor Touch User Reviews

6.8 Based on 30 Reviews

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Call quality7.6/10
Build quality6.3/10
Text input7.6/10
Everyday usage7.4/10
UI speed6/10

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posted on 06 Jun 2010, 11:43


Phone works good as far as 'phone' qualities go.  The touch screen can be very particular at times and the options to answer the phone can be challenging.  Biggest draw back of this phone is that for the price, it would make more sense to go with a blackberry or other smart device.  The mp3 player on this phone has to be its biggest draw and failute.  The 3.5 mm jack is a nice feature so you don't have to buy any weird adapters, but there is no software or mp3 management available for the phone.  The application takes forever to load and works nothing like an ipod or other mp3 player. 

Design 4/10
Features 4/10
Performance 4/10


  • Nice size. Nice Keyboard. Good battery. 3.5 mm jack is a huge plus.


  • No mp3 software. No voice ringer for bluetooth users. Difficult to text without using keyboard.

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posted on 03 May 2010, 10:10 (Posts: 0; Member since: 03 May 2010)


All weekend with the 187 pg manual and not sure yet.

This is about my 10th cellphone and I would have to say it is the hardest to use. It isn't even obvious how to make or receive a phone call, that's what phones are for right.The most annoying feature so far is that when placing a call to a voice mail system that requires number keys pressed the number keypad dissapears.  After being disconnected several times I figured out that one way to deal with this was to open the qwerty keypad and enable the speaker, this way I could push a number before I got disconnected.  There was another way to get the keypad back but the screen would go black before navigating through the voicemail system and I would again get disconnected before getting a person.  This happened with *2 trying to talk to Sprint.  I gave the phone to a Radio Shack salesman and he couldn't connect to Sprint pushing numbers either.  I did talk to thier upper level support on the land line and they could not offer any easier way to navigate a voicemail system either.Otherwise I am slowly figuring out work arounds to use the phone.  I guess being used to a flip phone that answers the call when you open and has a number keypad always there ready to use spoiled me.One reason I wanted this phone was the MP3 player. I acutually started with a Rumor 2 but the 2.5 mm heaphone jack was a major hassle and the Touch does have a 3.5 mm.  The MP3 player application is pretty lame compared to several iPods, Palms and...  

Design 6/10
Features 6/10
Performance 6/10


  • Large screen,3.5mm audio jack, decent still/video camera


  • Vanishing number keypad, Shuffle plays in the same order, 187 page manual needed to use the features.

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posted on 23 Apr 2010, 02:28


LG Rumor Touch

 I have the purple LG Rumor Touch. This phone is great. I've only had it 3 days and I agree with the first poster regarding not being able to customize the home screen, other than to change the picture. I would have liked Sprints "One Click" option at least. I use Hello UI the most to make calls & send text messages, its easier than scrolling or searching contacts for me, it gets me where I want the quickest. Everyone is different and will use their phones whichever way is most comfortable for them. I was impressed with the PEN capability in text messaging, that was a sweet surprise. I like the new emoticons, but I'm unsure if the people I text can actually see them, or see symbols only. I will figure that out later :)  I found it easy to load music onto my phone without purchasing from the Sprint store, and without a USB cable. I just put my sd card in the pc, click start (on the pc), click computer, double click sd, then added a new folder titled AUDIO. After you have added this new folder click to open it and start dragging your music files over. I found it works great with Itunes & limewire, but would not work for me with Windows Media Player. When you're done dragging your music, remove the sd card from the pc and put it back in your phone. Touch Home, Main Menu, Entertainment, then Music and it will auto scan for new files :) I have added Music to my Main menu so I can get to it quicker. I downloaded google maps, even though I would much rather...  

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Performance 8/10


  • Pricing, Touch Screen, Good Speaker Phone, 3G EVDO Rev.O, Facebook, Twitter, IM


  • Unable to customize Home Screen, besides changing picture.

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posted on 07 Apr 2010, 12:19


Lg rumor Touch review from a real phone user

the phone is good overall. one of the best phones i have tried from sprint. When sprint comes out with a new phone, i try it right away and am normally disappointed and return it. with this phone, i am half tempted to keep it. the touch screen responds very well. I also enjoy the fact that it has the option of both QWERTY texting and 1-9 keypad texting. The most i like about the phone is the fact that every thing is easily accessible; however, the main screen, where the screen save is displayed, doesn't allow anything to be placed on it. This would have been a nice feature to add. The bubbles that show up to advise of missed calls, email, and other messages is nice and convenient. my two main issues with the phone is the fact that when the phone is locked, the screen displayed is not my screen saver, and the display screen and/or clock cannot be changed. Also, the ringtone issue. I have to be on the main screen for the phone to play my ringtone for messages. If i am on another screen, it just beeps. i would prefer the sound to play all the time, no matter what i am doing. These issues are more of a user issue versus a device issue.

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Performance 9/10


  • touch screen


  • main display screen

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Maalik Shah
posted on 05 Apr 2010, 19:22



 this phone is great! for texting, fast web browser, social networking, it has aim, and a bunch of other things. the camera was upgraded from the last rumor but i still think it needs to be a little bit better, but other than that, i love this phone!!!!

Design 8/10
Features 9/10
Performance 8/10


  • 3G



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