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Why would you pick this over the Reclaim?

nancyfuqindrew 22 Mar 2010, 09:00 posted on

Seems from the preliminary info, this is a watered down LG version of the Reclaim. About the only thing that might make this more desireable than the Reclaim is that this is *slightly* smaller. On the minus side, it has less talk time (5.5hrs vs. 6 hrs) and a weaker camera (1.3 mp vs. 2 mp). If they're both free, would this phone really be preferable for anyone? I don't see too much difference between them at all, and the differences they do have seem to favor the Reclaim. If you're going to release a clone, at least let it be an upgrade. Going backwards makes no sense.

posted on 16 Mar 2011, 15:26

1. bob (unregistered)

i think that if you are going to make two phone that are eco friendly than make one better than the other the remarq is newer but it seems like it is older because it dosent have a better camra as the reclaim but it does have a smaller rounder size to it. some people might like the size but the reclaim has better features. i have been shopping for a new phone and the reclaim has been my favorite phone for a while now and the remarq when asked a sprint employe had said well the recalim has more features but the remarq is good too i could tell he liked the reclaim better and that was coming from the staff that sells you the phone so there you have it i personly think that the reclaim is better!

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