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Whats wrong with my LG Rumor 2?

Texting16 (unregistered) 08 Jun 2011, 18:23 posted on

I was just sitting at the dinner table and i set my phone down after looking at a text then i went to check my phone again to see if i had another text and my screen was going from dark gray to light gray.Just different colors of grays.I did take the battery out and then waited acouple minutes and the put it back in but i didnt work then i tryed putting it on the charger for a few minutes but it still wouldnt work.

Does anybody know whats wrong with my phone? Please Help! :)

posted on 05 Sep 2011, 09:51

1. Madi<3 (unregistered)

Hi guys! Recently, on my LG Rumor Touch- I tried to load the music player. My mom blocked the Internet on my phone, so it always says 'Web is not available due to Web restriction' even if I open a message. (dumbass phone. -_-) But I could hit..em..poke- 'okay' and it would continue to the music player without an issue. Today I tried to open it, and it was stuck on that screen! Help please!

posted on 05 Sep 2011, 09:54

2. Madi<3 (unregistered)

UGHH! New issue! When it DOES load, it says 'Updating Music' and freezes there. It's not loading at all! I've only got 25 songs on it. HELP MEEEEE!

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