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LG Quantum - Text messaging

fjmills 02 Feb 2011, 09:45 posted on

Is there any way to make the text messaging bigger...possibly change the font size? It seems incredibly small.

posted on 11 Mar 2011, 15:07

1. Malcolm (unregistered)

Went through this with both LG and AT&T. LG warned AT&T about it, but AT&T specked out the phone this way. There is a fix available (pinch and grow) which is standard on other LG phones. BUT AT&T doesn't want it on their phones. The response we got from AT&T is that they can't accommodate all users and take the phone back as "buyer's remorse". Tried that, but all AT&T smart phones were specked for tiny fonts without the ability to grow. So if you want bigger fonts, you have to either upgrade to Blackberry or go back to a regular phone.

posted on 17 May 2011, 22:18

2. Lynn (unregistered)

How do you forward text messages?

posted on 21 Jul 2011, 19:37

3. tamela (unregistered)

just got quantum and not real happy thus far...

posted on 12 Oct 2011, 10:49

4. John (unregistered)

I'm not sure if this is an LG, AT&T, or Microsoft issue, but it needs to be corrected. The text in SMS (texting) and contacts is way too small. I just got my update to version 7.5 and while it addressed a lot of issues, and was a big improvement, text size wasn't one of them.

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