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If Boost Mobile receives this phone....

Septembersrain 10 Oct 2012, 12:29 posted on

I'll be surprised. We aren't scheduled to get LTE until the beginning/middle of 2013. They are slowly releasing all WiMAX phones to us in order to make use of that network until it's phased out completely.

In 2015, The WiMAX contract will end and then all the phones they'd previously released will be reduced to running on 3G only.
That will prompt people with WiMAX devices to spend more money on a shiny new handset that will have LTE. (Even I'll be guilty of that if we get the SIII)

I can't see Sprint giving us their money maker so soon in the game.
LTE is their meal ticket right now.
We tend to get things at least a year after they do. It's a trend.

People wouldn't re-sign a contract to get an LTE phone on Sprint postpaid if the prepaid MVNO's Boost Mobile/Virgin Mobile had it so soon.

The only phone that I could see them making an exception on would be the iPhone 5, Only because our competitors have it in their hands already.

Just my opinion.

~Boost Mobile/Virgin Mobile Store Manager~

posted on 19 Oct 2012, 22:40

1. Bigstevesmb (Posts: 1; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

This the phone is the one to get. At least for me. It has everything that I must have.

1) It has the slide-out PHYSICAL QWERTY KEYBOARD ( I am old school I guess, It's easier for me to text and e-mail with the physical keyboard)

2) 4G LTE Capable ( Faster Internet )

3) MOBILE HOTSPOT ( Great for my Ipod touch, tablet, laptop, and my other wi-fi enabled devices- No need to search for free wi-fi when I have these devices with me

Just these three features alone are enough for me to upgrade from the Samsung Transform Ultra to the LG Mach. Can't wait for this phone to be release. This is the phone that I have been waiting for. Can't wait for its release.

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