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Only One Complaint...

MelissaT (unregistered) 29 Nov 2010, 16:25 posted on

I bought the Cosmos Touch 4 days ago, and I have to say, I really like it so far! It's a big step up from the EnV2 that I replaced! To answer a previous poster's question, YES, it is a touch screen, but it also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, so it's like having the best of both worlds. My only complaint is that the screen is VERY delicate. My (very short) fingernails are enough to put some massive scratches in the screen. The first time I turned it on, my nail put a huge scratch all the way across the bottom of the screen. It's disappointing that a 4-day-old phone already looks like it's been used and abused for 6 months. Other than that, it's pretty nice.

posted on 11 Apr 2011, 22:53

22. franknyank (unregistered)

So far the phone is working ok other than the battery life.I had a lg 9400 and it finally died so i upgraded to the cosmos touch.The battery did not last a day and i did not even use it much.I ordered the extended battery and cover from verizon and hope this will fix it.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 18:58

23. kit kat (unregistered)

the scratch that u made on the screen is just a screen protecter. it's really worked on, and i understant that u thought it was a scratch.

posted on 17 Apr 2011, 21:05

24. Dirtbiker35 (unregistered)

ive had this phone for 2 days now and i kinda like it. its hard to use for me though because i am not use to it yet. the battery life also sucks. it lasts about a day if i dont call or text alot. overall it is an ok phone. im a little afraid of breaking it though. was going to get the waterproof phone but didnt have enough money.

posted on 22 Apr 2011, 10:07

26. zefeesher2012 (unregistered)

Everyone else is saying that their battery lasts for a day and a half...mine only lasts half a day! and my parents get really angry when I tell them my phone died because my older phones had great battery life. what are you guys doing that i'm not?

posted on 08 May 2011, 13:32

27. gharddd (unregistered)

My Cosmos Touch keeps saying "Cannot display message" every time someone sends me a text longer than 160 characters, whether it is a Verizon phone or not. I have unlimited texting and I have never had this problem before. Is there a way to fix this, or is it a defect of some kind, what's the deal?

posted on 08 Jun 2011, 18:53

37. Triplebaka (unregistered)

that's exactly what happens to me and like 3 other ppl. almost impossible to fix >.

posted on 08 May 2011, 17:00

29. ryan (unregistered)

i was receiving a picture message and it wont come. it has been saying connecting for the last 30 minutes. i cant turn it off by holding end and i also cannot figure out how to take out the battery. that person says push firmly but its not working!

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 21:41

73. raina224 (Posts: 1; Member since: 25 Mar 2012)

OMG! I'm having that exact same problem right now and it's making me so mad. I was texting my friend and then my sister decided to be rude and send a picture message and I accidentally pressed view or whatever then tried to cancel when it was recieving the message and now I don't know what to do. I don't feel like waiting for it to die cuz that'll take days and then I won't be able to charge it tonight and then i won't be able to use it tomorrow. I can't get the stupid cover off either I got the case or whatever cuz my parents thought I was gonna break it and it won't come off.

posted on 15 May 2011, 16:57

30. casey stills (unregistered)

that is only because of the protective covering. I thought the same thing for days, then my friend peeled off the plastic and it was good as new!

posted on 25 May 2011, 16:38

31. Jessica12345 (unregistered)

Help! My sister and I were doing a water balloon fight well it got on the front we have vaccumed and used cold air and sundried the speakers just wont work. Anyy suggestions.?????? ASAP!

posted on 25 May 2011, 16:39

32. Jessica12345 (unregistered)

Help phone speakers not working everything works put the speakers how do i get them to work!!!

posted on 29 May 2011, 13:38

33. L.W (unregistered)

I just got the phone a week ago i i like the clarity and everything the keyboards nice and the phone is easy to use but i almost wanted to return it because it can't make it a full day without dying and i text a fair amount its really disapointing does anyone else have this problem?

posted on 30 May 2011, 19:50

34. cheesman46 (unregistered)

hello, MelissaT. just letting you know it comes with a screen protector. You may have not noticed it. Screen Protectors get scratched easily. Take it off, and your phone is fine... the naked screen doesn't get scratched easily. I prefer a microfiber cloth to clean it off every once in a while.

posted on 07 Jun 2011, 20:15

35. OpinionatedTeenageGirl15 (unregistered)

I got this phone as a replacement for my previous one which was an EnV touch (disappointed it was discontinued!) and I was stoked, it had everything I was looking for. Qwerty keyboard, touch screen navigation, and easily organized texts. Made sure to get a hard cover for it, and so far no damage when i drop it other than maybe shutting off. A few things seem to be amiss however, like randomly deleting text messages that i've sent or recieved in no apparent order and without me manually doing so. I've looked at my settings multiple times and i do have the "auto-save sent" activated. Another thing i've noticed is that while texting, the phone will shut off and not send the text which i then have to go and re-do. that's definitely no bueno for a teen on the go like me. I've also been a little disappointed with the browser quality, navigating is tough and social networking pages like facebook are hard to navigate, and the phone shuts off often when i'm messaging on it as well. Is it something I did, or company error??

posted on 08 Jun 2011, 08:31

36. kk (unregistered)

I've had this phone for about a week now, and a couple days ago it started shutting off everytime an email is received.. I wanted a phone like this for the email aspect.. now I can't access my email from it.. :/ Also, the screen sounds like it's coming off at the bottom.

posted on 14 Jun 2011, 13:59

38. bad (unregistered)

dont get this phone. i have had it since thanksgiving because my env2 broke. it is very bad. the texting is great but if you text daily and you text long messages, this isnt the phone for you. it turns off too much when i send texts and yesterday my screen was spazzing out of the random and now i cant see what im doing. i just use the voice command but sometimes that doesnt work. it doesnt work sometimes. the battery life is horrible. i still have the phone which is still spazzing out, i dont know what to do, i try to put it on the charger but it still doesnt work. the touch screen is to sensitive. it pocket dials all the time. it mixes up my texts so it sends some texts to the wrong people. its slow. im 16 and i was so excited to get this pphone because i didnt really like the env2 but this phone is worse. i would rather have my env2 back. i hope you dont get this phone and choose another. its not worth wasting your time over this phone. LG isnt a good company because all there phones turn off and i cant stand this phone. ive been begging my mom for a blackberry but she continues to say no. so i hope you choose wisely and DONT PICK THIS PHONE! worst mistake of my life.

posted on 15 Jun 2011, 18:19

39. rhapsody (unregistered)

I don't have the phone, but I understand that there might be something on the screen - so it's probably not really scratched, you just didn't remove the thingy that covers it.

posted on 29 Jun 2011, 09:11

40. Isabel (unregistered)

I agree with you a lot. I haven't dropped mine, nut there is tons of scratches on it. But my main problem is that when I slide my phone closed, the screen display will stay in the sledded out position, therefore I can't lock my phone and I butt-dial people. Does anyone have an idea for how to fix this without replacing my phone? I've restored my phone and turned it off then on, and just tried sliding it closed. :)

posted on 02 Jul 2011, 13:53

41. Chris M (unregistered)

I've been having issues with the screen suddenly going blank for awhile (it's now been so for over 12 hours, the longest yet), and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix that?

posted on 12 Jul 2011, 12:25

42. binky (unregistered)

I like the phone but I have an aggravating problem with it. The phone has a mind of its own and turns on by itself when I have it in locked mode. I switched out my first phone for this problem and I am having the same problem with the second one. People have mentioned that the battery has a short life. I am wondering if these people are having this same issue and are not aware of this? Anyone know if there is a fix for this?

posted on 12 Aug 2011, 21:14

55. bzimmer (unregistered)

binky, I'm having the same trouble. Light just comes on and stays on, sometimes all night. Battery dead in the am. Verizon gave me some baloney storey about the varying wireless strength coming and going in my house or where. We travel and it happens everywhere.

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 17:58

43. BAILEYF (unregistered)

I have this phone and my problem is that the ads on it for gmail and facebook and stuff keep coming up when i lock it, but this time they won't go off, i can lock it but when i unlock it it goes back to the same ad. I tried to hit the end button but that isn't working. What do I do? it's still like this and it has been for a day or so.

posted on 14 Jul 2011, 01:39

44. bleh (unregistered)

So im getting this phone tomorrow and i have been looking at how good this phone is . And everyone is saying that the battery dies fast and it's slow . Is it that bad ?

posted on 16 Jul 2011, 11:26

45. bellex3 (unregistered)

The only problem I have with this phone is that mine freezes, alot. The only way I can get it to unfreeze is to take the battery out and then take it back out, which I cannot do.. so my phone has been froze all day. Other than this, I love this phone.

posted on 23 Jul 2011, 15:33

47. soup4 (unregistered)

im geting the cosmos touch july 25 2011 i so excited i would really apreaciate it if someone would tell me any problems thev'e had with the phone thxs!!!!

posted on 23 Jul 2011, 15:37

48. soup4 (unregistered)

oh and will someone pretty plz tell me about how wonderful this phone is id love to know thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 27 Jul 2011, 12:04

49. Kylee (unregistered)

is anyone having problems with the phone working really slow? it takes me forever to get a message opened and to reply to it. it is very annoying! also the battery life is horrible and my phone is only a few days old.

posted on 10 Aug 2011, 10:09

51. Zoie (unregistered)

I have had my phone for about a year now. I really like it and have not had trouble with it until now. All of a sudden the screen is showing double display. Like when I am in the message center I can see in the back my main screen and I no not know what or how it happened and I can not figure out how to get to go away.

posted on 12 Aug 2011, 21:03

54. bzimmer (unregistered)

My Cosmos Touch screen lights and turn on, all by itself, often just sitting on the table. The light does not go out unless I manually make it happen. Sometimes it just comes on overnight and the battery is dead in the am. Got a second one and it does the same. We are traveling so it does it at home and away from home. Anyone have this problem?

posted on 13 Aug 2011, 21:31

56. Manda (unregistered)

I've been having problems with the phone lighting up and unlocking itself in the middle of the night, landing on random pages including the Daily Scoop app. The problem with the Daily Scoop is that it tries to connect to the internet and I have basic services and don't want to get charged. I got my first Cosmos Touch phone exchanged and have the same problem with this one. This is, however, the only problem; the battery life, texting, etc is excellent. I think I'm going to have to exchange it for a different type of phone altogether, however, because of the Daily Scoop thing. I can't worry about whether or not it's going to connect in the middle of the night, trying to put it on airplane mode before bed, whether or not Verizon is going to charge me for internet usage, etc.

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