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Can you record music on this phone and set is as your ringtone?

Josh (unregistered) 03 Dec 2010, 20:25 posted on

Im getting the phone tomorrow and i just wanted to know if you can do this

please comment and thnx so much

posted on 05 Dec 2010, 20:24

1. rmthunder (unregistered)

No. The only recording option is voice messaging

posted on 16 Dec 2010, 01:48

2. Just bought one (unregistered)

Josh, if I understand what you want it is similar to what I was looking for. I tried and tried to find a phone that was not a "smartphone" that would use and MP3 file as a ringtone easily. The Cosmos and Cosmos touch will both do so just like my old LG CU500 would. It turns out that this is extrodinarily uncommon now. In fact those two are the only phone from Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint that I found that will do it and not require a data package! The software running the phone is very similar to the Samsung Intensity II except for this fact. I settled on the touch mostly because the older (and cheaper) Cosmos does not have the music player that this one does. I would have thought they would have upgraded the camera just a bit in this day and age but at least it was not a downgrade from my old phone.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 13:27

3. Natdiamond (unregistered)

I figured it out. First, connect via usb to the pc and locate the phone in explorer. Use the lg drivers file on the phone and make sure you have all the latest software via the usb. You must format a micro sd card. Then put it in the cosmos touch vn270. Hook up the usb cable to the phone and to your pc ( I used Windows 7). Then in the phones main menu go to Tools, then usb mass storage. Once it connects, go in explorer and you will see the folders for my pictures, my ringtones, etc. Drop mp3 files into the my ringgtones folder and that's it! It took me a while to figure that out. Customer support at LG said it could not be done!! What lousy support on their side.

posted on 20 Feb 2011, 09:25

4. gotit (unregistered)

Natdiamond is correct. This does work :D

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