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iMISSmySUN 02 Mar 2012, 17:44 posted on

Picked it up an hour ago at my local North Port, FL metro..........and let me just say this, HOLY SH****T. It is AMAZINGLY FAST. (yes, compared to the 2.2 Optimus M).

I had TERRIBLE data speeds and horrific coverage whilst traveling (driving), and this is smoking fast. For the first time since I have had metro, I clicked on a YOuTube and it LOADED immediately (DRIVING, OFF OF WIFI).

ME IS VERY PLEASED. Costs an arm and a leg at $349 with a $30 rebate. But my God, the unlimited TV watching for an extra 5$ a month, (or rhapsody unlimited downloads at an extra $5) is totally worth it.

It was $801 total for two of them activated with insurance, rhapsody on one, TV option on the other.

I am really pleased. MetroPCS is going places as long as they keep up with better and better phones. I realize that this is a mid grade, but when you go from that POS Optimus to this, it will blow you away. Really!

posted on 02 Mar 2012, 17:45

1. iMISSmySUN (Posts: 3; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

*********footnote, lol.....I HAD terrible data and coverage when traveling with the OPTIMUS M

posted on 02 Mar 2012, 18:17

2. iMISSmySUN (Posts: 3; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

external sd slot....internal 4G sim (do not remove)

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