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posted on 20 Apr 2008, 23:07


security codes..

the security code on most phones is either the last 4 digits of the phone # OR if that doesn't work, try combinations like 0000 or 9999. hope it works!!

Design 7/10
Features 10/10
Sound Quality 6/10
Signal Strength 8/10
Value for money 8/10

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posted on 20 Apr 2008, 21:54


It's an alright phone

I had the AX8600, which was a pretty descent phone, I like the sleekness and slim-fit of it, but unfortunately, I started having to many problems with it, though it did take plenty of bangs, so they gave me the AX565 as a replacement, the features are alright, a few better than the AX8600, a few worse, the bluetooth works better on my AX565, but you can't use your mp3 files as ringtones (if someone has figured it out, please help me). The AX565 is a bit thicker than my previous phone, so it doesn't fit in my pocket the way I like, I can't figure out for the life of me how/ IF, you can you use external controls to view text messages, though it does say, VIEW & LATER, when you receive a text on the outside screen, which brings me to believe that you should be able to view your text from that screen (I was able to with my AX8600). It's not much different than my previous phone. It plays my music fine, I like the texting better, as you can show it as chat style, so for those of us who carry on long conversations using texting, this is a plus, cause it's easy to keep up with the conversation. The signal strength is great (though since getting my first lg phone (I've had 4 of them), I've been pretty committed to LG because the reception is generally pretty good, The camera is alright, not the best, but definitely not the worst. This isn't a phone I would personally buy, had it not been a replacement I wouldn't have gotten it(I'm kinda picky about my phones:-)), but it is a good value,...  

Design 5/10
Features 6/10
Sound Quality 8/10
Signal Strength 9/10
Value for money 6/10

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posted on 20 Apr 2008, 08:08



I just got this phone yesterday and i love it. The only thing bad is that i cant figure out the security code. Is there one standard number that comes with the phone right away? If so PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

Design 10/10
Features 8/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 10/10
Value for money 9/10

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posted on 09 Mar 2008, 23:01


LG UX565- Love the phone!

I have had the phone for two or three weeks now with the US Cellular service provider. I ahev owned many phones in the past, and i am particularily fond of nokia phones, and i hate motorola! But i took a chance on this LG. And now- move over nokia-here comes LG!
Currently, the only problem i have with it is-staying off of it! The external display and touch screen are amazing (very vivid and bright inside and outside screens), the phone itself is a bit big, but personnally i think it is a plus. the keys are big and easy to push- a bit to slush and slippery but not a problem. Customizable and fun to use. The camera is good, but could be better. MP3 function, havent used much yet, seeing that no usb or memory card came with the phone itself.
1. Signal strength
2. Battery life
3. Easy to use
4. external disply and touch screen.
5. Customization.
6. Sound quality
7. Lightweigh and trim
1. Not enough included with phone
2. Size could be an issue (no problem for me)
3. External face scratches easily.
4. No games

All around great phone- no complaints with the phone. I absolutly love it. I spent $140 on it and don't regret on cent! Very afraid to drop it- in fear of losing it. Best phone i have owned!
2. Size could

Design 9/10
Features 8/10
Sound Quality 8/10
Signal Strength 10/10
Value for money 9/10

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