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lg 420g unlock code

honari (unregistered) 08 Feb 2011, 02:13 posted on

i get unlock code for lg420g
when i power on it with sim cant say phone restricted
appeare " sim lock code-1" and not exist place for enter unlock code
please help me


posted on 22 Apr 2011, 18:03

1. hb (unregistered)

I got a new lg420g today from trac fone and when I first used it I can hear my self speaking in the earpiece. its a little distracting and not normal. is ther a fix for this? My old motorola v12 didn't have this bug

posted on 22 Apr 2011, 18:10

2. hb (unregistered)

i got a new lg420g today from trac fone and when I first used it I can hear myself speaking through the ear piece. very distracting is this normal ? is there a fix? if not its going back

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 11:37

5. Eric (unregistered)

You really shouldn't be able to hear yourself through the ear piece, might be a bad phone. I had to swap my first 420G because the serial number on the activation card didn't match the number in the phone. TracFone had me a new phone in less than 48-hrs after I called customer service, free of charge, with a prepaid envelope to ship the old one back. A little bit of a hassle but it didn't cost me anything.

posted on 11 Sep 2011, 09:53

3. LD (unregistered)

How fo I get my text to be simple and out of TTY mode?

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 11:19

4. Eric (unregistered)

In a text input field, press the * key to toggle between capitalization modes. To
switch between T9word mode, 123 and ABC mode, press and hold the * key.

TTY is for the hearing impaired, I think you're asking about T9Word mode while texting. My 420G was set to the same mode when I got it.

click below for a PDF guide.


posted on 01 Oct 2011, 12:35

6. Eric (unregistered)

However, if you are asking about TTY mode, press: menu, settings, scroll down to and press call, scroll down to and press TTY mode, then select TT on or TTY off.

Or, instead of scrolling through the menus, press the following keys to turn this feature off: -, 9, 5, #, 2

To turn this back on press: -, 9, 5, #, 1

posted on 27 Feb 2014, 23:00

7. martix (Posts: 6; Member since: 16 Feb 2014)

contact service provider

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