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teacheraec (unregistered) 06 Mar 2011, 06:15 posted on

Last time I talked called Sprint, I was told there was talk of the fee being charged on any account that had a smartphone on it since it could technically receive the higher speeds if you were vicinity of them. I think that's crap.

posted on 12 Mar 2011, 22:02

1. Alex (unregistered)

Well it is crap in some ways and not in others. It is crap because you are being charged an extra $10/month that is not really being advertised for having a 3g device, when a month and half ago that fee only applied to 4g devices. It is not crap in that sprint kind of has to do it in that since 2006 they have finished every single quarter in the red until just now, meaning they clearly are in need of money. Whether they should try to obtain that money by raising rates $10/month, or perhaps instead by not giving two lines with a 50 dollar deposit to anyone who can produce a US passport is up to them. As of now, the policy still is if you have a passport, then you pass a sprint credit check. Not to mention that they undercut their own prices by offering the same android phones they have on sprint for only $25/month on virgin mobile... And people wonder why this company makes no money.

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