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OMG! A dated Droid X with Sense!

rmac 10 Mar 2011, 19:25 posted on

Either Verizon needs to revamp their software engineers or stop looking at their sales to determine when to release a phone. As has been said several times, it's old news before its even out. Big Red just aspires to be the king of old news.

You can't tell me that they had an option for the Evo when Sprint snatched it up, and arguably succeeded in establishing Android dominance. Nobody even cared about the 4G aspect, the phone dominated with or without, It was just a nice way to tell people they had faster speeds if they lived under a cell tower in a skyscraper in New York.

Verizon does have the best network, but people are looking more for cutting edge devices, than used up hot commodities in the iPhone and similar Android devices. Look at Apple. Let people speculate and hype the device by having to dig around the rumor mill from employees that are in violation of their NDAs, then announce the phone maybe a week or two out from a SOLID, INDISPUTABLE release date, and stick to it.

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