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verizon's got a plan?

jostew 17 Mar 2010, 10:29 posted on

so, i read today that vzw is going to be releasing the 2.1 sw that the nexus one has for some droid customers starting on the 18th. my theory is that vzw's plan is to get the droid up to snuff. reason being so that when they release the nexus one (as rumored to come this mnth per fcc (23rd) & through a vzw equip guide photo that will be sold through google & not vzw), verizon can still show that even though they now have the nexus one, the droid, that is sold in there stores w. all the backing of any tech support or instore cst service, will be just a strong (minus the processor). then, again as rumored, the incredible that will also be sold in vzw stores that will also have 2.1 will have be much stronger since it has the processor (unfortunately as rumored clocked down (will see)). all in all, vzw is trying to keep the money & the fake release by motorola was blocked (no evidence) by vzw when maybe they found that the N1 was ready & vzw figured that the since google is going to be selling the N1, why not wait to have a powerhouse upgrade, powerhouse release (N1), then knock it home w. the incredible. all done in a month. any believers or i am just the last to to think about this one? probably the latter.

posted on 20 Mar 2010, 12:42

1. ellekay (Posts: 4; Member since: 20 Mar 2010)

I am not sure about the release of the N1, but most people should know by now that the software 2.1 is out but it is reaching users in waves for the release eventually everyone will have it though.

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