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htc incredible s

Hamid (unregistered) 29 May 2011, 12:53 posted on

After several years of using Sony Ericsson & Nokia, I decided to move to htc and decided to buy htc incredible s. everything going smooth at the beginning but after few days exactly, started freezing and when I call people I can hear them clearly but they don't (my voice keeps fading away and words are not complet).
So send it to htc care after exactly one week and now almost three days and not feedback!!!

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 05:58

1. Mighty Maverick (unregistered)

All say “S” stands for Super but I say it is Suffer. When I took this phone, I was amazed with its performance but when the problem came this become a big headache. A simple problem in Mic made me to shell out INR.7500/= as the Mic is in-built with Mother Board and for that problem I need to change the board. A horrible nightmare I already had and HTC is giving more big nightmare by delaying the service. Even after the promise of 5-10 days of servicing, they are still asking for excuses even after 20 days for a week more… HTC now stands “Hell To Customer” for me…

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