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whatigot (unregistered) 27 Feb 2011, 10:52 posted on

As much as I love HTC, I cannot and rufuse to buy a tablet until it can do the work of a mid-ranged laptop....the scribe pen would be amazing for me, but I already have a Laptop and a Smartphone....in my opinion thats plenty. I use my phone for almost everything already! Rarely using my laptop unless for notes which, I prefer writing....the look is good, could be better but, It's HTC so I'm alright with it. Give it a 8mp camera, 3GHZ pro, 2GB- 3GB of ram, a way to link my HTC phone to the Tablet and swap notes/files and music wireless, a way to get over 50Gb of memory (including a 32Gb card expansion) and I'm sold....to bad thats a couple years away. Also HTC needs to make laptops too, pretty much, If HTC made every entertainment electronic, TV,Laptop,Desktop,Phones,Tablets,Game console ( Helping sony with a new ps*whatever ) dvd player ECT I would get them. HTC in my opinon is one of the most reliable electronics manufacturer I know, I would'nt use anything else, plus everything would match, which would be the greatest part!!!!!!! (ocd, i know, hahaha)

posted on 03 Mar 2011, 05:34

1. Jo (unregistered)

I suspect that the companies are "holding back", so that they can pump out new versions with more and more stuff.

On a official demo on Youtube it was said that the HTC Flyer can NOT make normal calls (only video calls). That sucks!

posted on 11 May 2011, 01:37

2. Timepaser (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 May 2011)

We have got feeling the HTC,the tycoon of Android phones is opening fire on Apple.Until today,the consumer tablet market has been defined by the battle between iPad and Android.On May 10, the China Post news staff–HTC Corp., a Taiwan-based company and one of the world’s leading smart phone makers, officially debut its first tablet PC model HTC Flyer on the island.With Apple (iPad), Samsung (Galaxy Tab), LG , and Motorola (xoom) all entering the tablet space,HTC Flyer joins the tablet wars.Now let’s experience the HTC Flyer–A tablet like no other.--from portable-media-device.com

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