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Will this Tablet have a phone?

tmprlillsns 24 Mar 2011, 23:02 posted on

Now my biggest issue with Galaxy Tab was that it did not have a phone feature... now does anyone know if that maybe the case?

posted on 28 Mar 2011, 20:21

1. Harmlesslyfatal (unregistered)

If you would read all of the specifications, you would notice that they actually SHOW that there will be voice calling with the View. Thus meaning, YES there will be the capability to make calls on the Sprint wireless network. Sorry for the smartass-ness.. but it is annoying when people choose NOT to read and just have people answer for them.

posted on 03 Sep 2011, 22:23

17. shablala (unregistered)

Did someone wake you up for a sound sleep and forced you to answer the OP's question? there is nothing more annoying than an attention Wh0rrrr

posted on 29 Mar 2011, 21:44

2. tmprlillsns (Posts: 2; Member since: 24 Mar 2011)

Actually HTC has announced that HTC Flyer (which is the GSM version of of EVO View) will not have a phone feature. Also the spec sheet only says that video calling is available, which uses data features not phone features. There is a phonebook feature but that could just be an organizer feature. So yes you were being a smartass but please know your facts before correcting my flaws.

posted on 05 Apr 2011, 12:13

3. Elvis (unregistered)

Per the Specs on HTC's web site This will not have phone capabilities.

Talk Time: Data only product


posted on 26 Apr 2011, 15:14

4. evilmonkeyking (unregistered)

Over on the xda forum, someone called HTC and they said the tablet does support full phone capabilities but whether Sprint decides to make that available is unknown. The HTC flyer can make calls using Skype but not regular cellular calls.

posted on 29 Apr 2011, 00:57

5. Dav (unregistered)

Everyone here is an idiot. You guys clearly do not understand the purpose of tablet computing. Tablets are not supposed to be phones. Thats like buying a computer and asking if it has phone capabilities. Actually, it's like buying a refrigerator and asking if it has phone capabilities. It's A Different Device. Get with the age of tablets, you teach-naive people...

posted on 24 Aug 2011, 15:43

15. gsmart (unregistered)

My friend, you are the idiot. Some People just do not have vision and/or the capability to think out of the box. By the way, refrigerators are now coming with phone capabilities and I am not going to waste my time explaining to you how groundbreaking this is or what the capabilites are. Look it up. Also, PC's do have phone capabilities. You really are an idiot! Just to name one feature, I use this capability on my PC to create cost effective mobile marketing campaigns and send mass SMS text messages. A tablet with cellular capabilites will be the device of the future. I wont even try explain why, because there are so many reasons that I dont know where to start, and I dont want to waste my time educating you.

posted on 03 Sep 2011, 22:27

18. shablala (unregistered)

wow, I guess the first tablet manufacturer that will launch a crossover tab with full phone capability will sell millions of them to idiots like me!

posted on 01 Nov 2011, 21:52

21. davisanidiot (Posts: 2; Member since: 01 Nov 2011)

You sir... Are the dumb ass! No 1 wants to be carrying around 2 devices. We will see the tablet have its own phone feature, we already do face chat. The purpose for that front camera and speaker is to communicate, you idiot. Also, that stupid example you gave with the refrigerator.....Seriously?? Just stfu now

posted on 02 Dec 2011, 11:58

23. cat5fan (Posts: 16; Member since: 02 Dec 2011)

You clearly need to listen to people calling you an idiot because you are. I'm self employed and would love to have a 7" phone to surf, do simple emails, GPS navigate and use as a phone. All-in-one. I'm a T-Mobile users so I'd be using my mini-Tab all day either in my car or thrown it in my pocket, I wear beach shorts or cargo pants every day, and it will easily fit into my pockets. Then in the evening I can throw the SIM card into my HTC Sensation. If I'm not going out I'll be siting on my couch watching TV looking s**t up on my nice sized 7".

posted on 06 Feb 2012, 16:47

26. mburrows (Posts: 1; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

A recent television commercial features a clown who carries a gps, phone, organizer, e-book reader, video viewer, music player, and a phone. The ad agency must have seen Dav and modeled this tyro after him. Some people do not understand the power of integraation.

I have used what are now called tablet computers since the mid 1990's. They were pen computers then. Making calls from them using Skype was great. I am looking now for a small tablet with phone capablity to replace an aging smart phone.

Once upon a time we carrried a Palm and a cell phone. Then another chip in the phone replaced the Palm. Seems logiacal a chip in a tablet will now replace the phone. The idea is to integrate the computing capabilities of our devices to do more for us more quickly. The ideal is NOT to fill a 1960's camera bag with gadgets.

posted on 01 May 2011, 07:36

6. c2g1980 (unregistered)

Yes it makes phone calls, its actually more of a smartphone than a tablet

posted on 01 May 2011, 19:17

7. evilmonkeyking (unregistered)

@ Dav...it's not about the device being a tablet. Nowadays asking a 7 inch tablet to make phone calls coming from a cellular carrier is not too much. They make smartphones that are 4.3 and 4.5 inches in screen size so a 7 inch tablet makes no difference.

posted on 05 May 2011, 22:39

8. Dav (unregistered)

I see your point, and it is a valid argument, but when a device is branded as a tablet, they're implying that its not supposed to be a cellphone. This can't replace your cellphone. No matter what screen size it is, and what capabilities it has, the point is to make calls from your cellphone, check email and coordinate your calendar with your tablet, and do about everything else with your computer. Tablets are smack-dab in the middle of cellphones and computer. Not 90% cellphone, 10% computer.

posted on 20 May 2011, 23:59

9. ken (unregistered)

@ Dav,...
Whatever you said is applicable just a year ago when there are clear lines in between smartphones & tablets(Ipad).

But those line are quickly blurred after the 7''Galaxy Tab is launched. It makes phone calls, and it is a tablet. So a FULL-phone capable Tablet is already here in the market for almost a year. Hence its only natural that people should ask about the phone capability of yet another 7''inch tablet launched by SAMSUNG's competitor, HTC.

The reason why carrier is not putting the phone capability into most,if not all future tablets is to enable them to sell more devices. Since Tablets share almost 90% of their internals with their sibling,Smart Phones, except the screen-size, and device's shell. So there is no reason why a tablet can't make GSM voice call. Tablets are 'intentionally castrated' to rid them of the ability to make phone-calls.

The 'Fine-line' between phone and Tablets is 'forcefully' drawn by either manufacturer or carriers to sell more devices. If they keep rolling out 'Converged' devices as they did with the 7"Galaxy-Tab, they will end-up selling only 50% of what they potentially could. So, no more Phone+Tablet for now, but I'll bet top-dollar that it will make a come-back when consumer sees that they could save more pocket space if their tablets can actually make phone-calls,so that they can leave their phone at home, and in-future, they will leave their laptop at home too. Just tablets or Huge-smartphone all the way.

posted on 02 Dec 2011, 12:10

24. cat5fan (Posts: 16; Member since: 02 Dec 2011)

I agree with you on most things. However, the reason the carriers want the Tablets castrated is so they can attempt to get another data plan. Any phone with a SIM card should be able to switch it to this phone/tablet and use it as a phone. During the day I use a headset all day and would love to have a 7" phone with better battery life and larger screen. I will not purchase another plan nor a tablet for my coffee table. I already have a laptop for that and I'll be damned if I'm going to carry 2 devices when I could get away with one. Now I must wait till all of the idiots purchase a tablet and additional plan. I really don't see it working. I believe power users with headsets want a tablet phone.

posted on 01 Nov 2011, 21:55

22. davisanidiot (Posts: 2; Member since: 01 Nov 2011)

Ever heard of Google Voice...?
Just shut the f**k up!
Acting like you know everything but you just got schooled...
Thanks, evilmonkeyking and ken

posted on 21 May 2011, 07:20

10. Stig (unregistered)

I was just @ the Sprint store switching my old Nextel phone service over to an Evo 4g and asked about the View 4G and getting a data plan for it. I was told that what I was doing (switch services to another device) will be able to be done with the View 4G as well. So switching your current service (phone and data plan) shouldn't be a problem. It will perform the same and better than the Evo with longer battery life!

posted on 16 Jul 2011, 07:10

11. Chimstar (unregistered)

Actually got mine for a few days and with a bit of tweaks and google voice and a app in market called groove ip I am able to make and get calls with no problems it dies take a few settings in gv but it allows me to use 3G 4g wifi to make free calls and get them. Thing is friggin Hott. Now if root comes along then it's a win win situation and rest assured this thing does not feel like a fridge at 7 inches it's a good size a 10 inch tab would be over kill for me. Also method I used works on almost any tab almost. My moms acer iconia does calls as well enjoy all the work around. Good stuff

posted on 17 Jul 2011, 01:40

12. IhateStupidDesigners (unregistered)

you are all fools! every tablet should come with cell phone capability.

and it is our choice if we want to use free wifi or pay for a plan or pay for a plan that includes phone use.

this way we only need to carry one device that does it all on the go until we get back home to our desktop.

a 17inch notebook is too big and heavy to use as a laptop especially on a plane or at a bar or restuarant and a puny 4" cell phone screen is too small to play games or watch movies so 7" and 10.1" tablet that do it all is what everybody should crave!

posted on 02 Dec 2011, 12:11

25. cat5fan (Posts: 16; Member since: 02 Dec 2011)

I'm agree.

posted on 21 Jul 2011, 07:22

13. effieskid (unregistered)

@ IhateStupidDesigners, I totally agree with you. The lines are so blurred already, why not offer an all in one package so we don't have to lug two and three devices around. When I purchase my next device, it WILL be a tablet phone!

posted on 19 Aug 2011, 21:56

14. JJ (unregistered)

Does anyone know if I will have difficulty unlocking and finding a carrier to use a 7"tablet I found on line VIA8650 it has a gsm mobile device, E10 tablet, pc, epad, android 2.2 3g wifi camera flash 10.1, also has a keyboard and case sold by DHGATE for $150.00 keyboard is extra--I want this phone tablet! Thanks for any info.

posted on 27 Aug 2011, 16:03

16. crzen (unregistered)

I just got off of the phone with Sprint. The EVO View will NOT make calls as a Sprint cell phone. You can download apps to make calls, but they will use your data minutes, unless using wifi. An example would be: If you get the cheapest tablet plan with a 1G cap, if you use all the 1G for surfing or videos and then make a call you will incur data overage charges. They change you from a smartphone plan to a tablet plan or you add a tablet line. The reason for doing it this way is so that they force you to have both a cell phone and a tablet in order to charge you separately for both. If they didnt do it that way then the EVO View would just be an original EVO with a bigger screen and they wouldnt be able to implement usage caps.To the person who said to get with the times, You dont understand. People want MORE functionality at a cheaper, or the same, price. Not less for more.

posted on 07 Sep 2011, 22:26

19. roofboard (unregistered)

This is so rediculous! A tablet cell phone would be so useful for me! I could use it as a business line! I don't want to carry 2 cell phones and a tablet wherever I go just because 3g is too slow to make a call! Honestly I would buy that thing tomorrow If it could be a second line. Just ridiculous. I mean imagine it. I have my personal cell phone I have my htc flyer velcroed to the visor in my car and blue tooth to the radio. Its Gps, Cell phone, and internet. Mobile office done! Furthermore I don't have to worry about mixing up my personal phone and business. All of that besides i now have a decent batterylife, and LOUD ringer!
./ rant!

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 12:24

27. mc_phonearena (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

I agree with gsmart. Phones are phones and tablets are tablets. The only reason I am considering a tablet with phone capabilities is twofold. The first is that I have neither. So if I have to start with one which one? The phone or the tablet. It may be that when I take the tablet, I do not have to take the phone and viceversa - this of course, when i have both. So having the tablet with phone capabilities is only when i do not have the phone. The second is to save money of course in the meantime.

posted on 10 Oct 2012, 05:54

28. butchjerez (Posts: 1; Member since: 10 Oct 2012)

there are millions of phone capable tablets in australia. it is called t hub. and these people are using these tablets everyday to as phones.

posted on 04 Jul 2013, 23:30

29. ecnav (Posts: 1; Member since: 04 Jul 2013)

The ones say tablet is a tablet, and phone is a phone is so wrong. Those two are essentially the same thing and it is only the size that is different. They purposely dumbed it down.

So would you say it is fair to say a sports car cannot have a cup holder like luxory cars because cup holders are a luxory item?

Anyways I doubt the tablets will ever make calls like a cell phone simply because they do not want to induce competition for their own products.

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