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wrong formula

sun0066 12 Feb 2011, 14:01 posted on

what i don't understand very well is why no company follow the iphone success regarding shape , factor, size, etc , for example sprint just release sliders phones that has a limited working life i wonder if it is the reason , i mean for those phones with an slider keyboard to get broken earlier , because if phones with the same i phone factor become a success why they keep releasing those awful and nonfunctional sliders phones

posted on 12 Mar 2011, 22:57 1

1. Alex (unregistered)

iphone formula is to build up a cult following behind a company to the point that you have a large group of people that instantly like anything you release and then come out with a cell phone. Then those people will instantly look at every other phone and wonder why it is not more like said phone released by the company that they love, although even they truly don't understand why they love it.

posted on 11 May 2011, 11:16

2. evokillsiphones (unregistered)

Listen the reason co.s do not follow suit and make every phone as iphone like as possible is bc the iphone is not the best and is only loved by ppl who have used apple products their whole life. These ppl will never change well maybe two percent lol but i recently have "encouraged" my friend to give the evo a whirl and he was the biggest die hard iphone fan on the planet and after an hour he came over and thanked me. He is now completely in love with his HTC EVO and prefers its over his old news iphone4. Point is the reason why companies dont copy the steve jobs dont let you pesonalize anything phone is bc its not the best..pick up an evo and smile...o yeah the evo two..or 3D is going to end everyones doubts..fuck the iphone.

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