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Think About It !

Meghan Campbell (unregistered) 26 Feb 2011, 20:50 posted on 1

Okay People You all Want to Complain or what ever but
really you should be lucky that you can affored a phone cause
god sisnt have to do this but he did so be thankuful even if you have the
worst phone in the world cause GOD gave it to you not cause its the newest
thing out to man but to the one that really matters which is god ! All im saying is be thankful of what you have and what god is going to do for you soon !
With That Said Have A Blessed Day ! Amen !

posted on 05 Jan 2012, 16:33

1. gordonthefree33 (Posts: 3; Member since: 05 Jan 2012)

Are you out of your mind? What does god have to do with a phone that a shyster of a company like Sprint pushes out. This phone is unreliable Sprints business practice and the way they treat their customers is deplorable, and I for one am sick of paying 91 dollars a month of my hard earned cash for a completely unreliable 4g data service, horrible battery life that keeps my out of touch with my work and family. Being grateful for throwing away your money is not having faith it is just FOOLISHNESS

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