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The evo dominates the rest of the hd2's out there

wrangelr 13 Apr 2010, 19:19 posted on

I've been watchin HTC grow the last few years since the HTC Mogul came out. Everytime I think I am about to buy the next generation phone. They come out with some thing new in 6months or so. So, lets break it down. I ventured in watching the phones from the mogul to the touch pro to the touch pro 2 ,and now the EVO. Which I saw the HD1 in its prime and wanted that one but it was for the international market I believe in europe somewhere and not for the US. I was bumbed about that one. Now, they made the HD2 aka EVO and I am very excited to see it in actiion. Anyhow as I digress, I've looked at all the carriers that have the same or similair phone to the EVO ,and none come close to the options that sprint will have on it. I feel that this phone will be the iphone killer. Hopefully, if rumors are correct they throw on android 3.0 to top it all off.

posted on 22 Apr 2010, 11:39

1. burtonsnow8 (Posts: 41; Member since: 05 Apr 2010)

HD2 is not the EVO. HD2 runs WM, EVO runs Android OS. HD doesnt have front facing camera for video calls like the Evo either.

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