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Top New Texting Smartphones for Sprint

New2Smartphone (unregistered) 18 Jun 2011, 15:29 posted on

Finally making the move from an old flip phone to a new smartphone as my flip phone finally died so I reactivated an older phone while I do my homework on whats out there. I plan on staying with sprint and was thinking of the Evo 3D or waiting on the iPhone in Sept (friends in the business recently saying as of last weeks its highly likely/inevitable). This phone will be for business and personal. The key point I believe is I am a texting machine with my right thumb on the old flip phone. I keep hearing that if I text or email a lot, I need a physical keyboard. How true is that normally? Seems all the top phones right now don't have a physical keyboard and I'd hate to get a lesser phone just due to a keyboard. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

posted on 20 Jul 2011, 12:49

1. RANDOM (unregistered)

The physical keyboard is not neseccary at all. I have the evo 3D and I was used to a physical keyboard. The physical keyboard is better, but once youre used to it, neither one makes a difference.

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