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Evo 3D vs HTC One S or V

Dharkan 12 Apr 2012, 06:11 posted on

Hello everyone,

While my question can seem a little bit odd, I'll explain my reasons first. :)

I've been using my nokia 5800 for a quite while and looking for an android replacement, preferably HTC. A few days ago I saw EVO 3D on a quite good sale and I was about to buy it but a friend of mine said that it is quite an old model and I should wait for One serie. I'm not the best guy about android phones but I've seen the reviews of phone arena on youtube, so I roughly know their capabilities.

there'll be somewhere around 200-250 usd difference between EVO 3D and One S and 100-150 usd between One V most likely in where I live.

So the question is, do you think they really worth the difference of money? Or EVO 3D will do just fine as much as they do?

You can also tell me about similar phones from other brands to me, I didn't really check anything else than HTC.

Thank you, I'm waiting for answers.

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