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confused which phone to buy...slightly tillted towards HTC DHD

supreet 26 Jan 2011, 06:43 posted on

Hey guys plz provide me wid honest input abt the performance of HTC DESIRE HD as i'm planning to buy it within a few days....those who hav used it ...wat do u think abt its performance its camera , music, ring volume, call reception volume....n recordings...plzz help me m confused...thnx in advance.

posted on 17 Jan 2012, 14:09

1. araspel (Posts: 1; Member since: 17 Jan 2012)

Hi , it is a exelent phone , i ve been using it about 6 m and belive me it is best phone i ever had (and belive me i had a lots of them -and not the cheep things) the only thing is the batteryes, it works about 2 days in "moderate" way, the camera is nice quality, video is grate, the quality of the screen is REALY AMAIZING , the "butons" to tape are responding very fast, so if you are an sms fan -just go for it , of course every thing has "two sides of medal" but for me this phone has much more positive things then negative -yes and may be the speakers are not such a high quality, but anyway i am listening music with my earphones -and is sounds just grate .voila , if you need more info BIENVENUE.

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