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HTC ChaCha Discussions


chacha memory

how do i send all my downloads onto the memory card?

Author: fredua1    Started: 19 Oct 2012, 04:36    Last reply: fredua1


how is it?

i hav heard that chacha's battery life is quite low.even its internal memory is low. will it be a major problem.i thinking of buying this mobile.can u tell me can we play games ...

Author: robinhood9421    Started: 25 May 2012, 04:06    Last reply: robinhood9421


what are the main disadvantages??

I am studying in a college and use facebook very frequently.I am planning to buy Htc ChaCha as it satisfies most of my requirements including my budget. I use the phone a bit ...

Author: jayahoharish    Started: 04 Apr 2012, 19:27    Last reply: jayahoharish



my friend has an htc chacha and she is not able to turn facebook chat off .. can anyone help me out here?

Author: jad24    Started: 11 Mar 2012, 04:15    Last reply: daqwid2727


Cha Cha camera

I got one of these phones yesterday & can say it's camera is very good. What the review said in here that it had a focus & purple centre spot issue has gone in the latest update. ...

Author: Sean, Last reply: Sean   on 01 Sep 2011, 09:57


Carrier for the ChaCha

Does anyone know who the carrier will be for the ChaCha? Aaron from phonedog said maybe att but does anyone else have an idea?

Author: AndroidGirl, Last reply: JenInAK   on 27 May 2011, 00:22

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