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Coming to "Viking Land"?

TheBcoolGuy 26 Nov 2012, 10:18 posted on

Hey there, PhoneArena!
I'm a subscriber on YouTube and I live in Sweden.
I really want this tablet and my mum will probably get it for me for christmas if it comes out by then. But I wonder if it will. I'm gonna be kinda sad if it doesn't. Or, actually, really upset. I'm a kind of greedy kid to be honest, but I'm not spoiled. I recently got a Samsung GS2 and it's my first phone in 3 years. I got internet at home when I was 11, I'm 12 now. I learnt it all pretty fast actually. ;) But anyways, yeah, please answer my question, it would be really nice of you and I will recommend you to my friends and Coolers. (YouTube subscribers)

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