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Cricket Wireless now has the iphone 4 (S)

gigaware 21 Jun 2012, 14:22 posted on

Okay...First off I will say this, I have been a Cricket customer for almost 7 years now. I and my family get new phones about every 6 months. Our LAST phone we have bought and will ever buy is the Huawei Mercury. Not a bad phone (read my review) but Cricket is the issue. I will get into that in a minute.

Cricket getting the iPhone in my opinion is a joke. A premium phone on a crappy network. Sure Cricket offers cheap and very competitive pre-paid plans but that's about as far as it goes. If you look at their coverage map, it says I am in a top signal area. Well, reality says different. I can't place a call inside or outside of my home. I am lucky if I get one bar worth of signal.

Now to the meat of the issue. The first thing I have noticed is the price. The iphone 4 is priced at $399 and the 4S for $499. Please tell me how this is possible. You "buy" your phone from Cricket so how do they sell them for so cheap? I will tell you why. Cricket sometimes will sell a phone that is on other carriers but they sell a "scaled" down version of the phone. I am pretty sure that is the case here. Virgin Mobile is selling each for $150 more. But thats where the other issue is. The iphone from Cricket will be on 3G network like other carriers but Virgin Mobile will actually work on their 4G WI Max.

Careful if you going to purchase theiPhone for Cricket. #1...you get what you pay for and #2 Their coverage really really stinks now. What are your thoughts on this?

posted on 03 Sep 2012, 07:50

1. bluedemon91 (Posts: 5; Member since: 03 Sep 2012)

The Iphone on Cricket is in fact a full scale phone and exact model as on the major carriers. Reason why cricket is able to sell at such a deal is due to the fact of there service and other reasons in witch i am not able to discuss. Yes i agree it should not be on the network due to its signal. but i own it on cricket an verizon, and i must say at times they both are the same speed and signal. And cricket is getting LTE 4G service. but nowhere near Verizon speeds. they will use a sim card for dual band. this is why the huawei mercury model stopped selling around march was the fact that they came out with the 4G model. so if you have purchased a model after march it will have a sim port in the back by battery.

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