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Apple Iphone 5

Prince Ray (unregistered) 02 Apr 2011, 19:43 posted on

I am very interested in owning the upcoming Apple Iphone 5, especially with the new A5.
I just wonder why Apple wouldn't make it compatible with 4G networks? It seems like they always want to be the first and the best, but then stop short of the demand for 4G network compatibility!.
Despite this shortcoming, I still intend to purchase it, but also wonder how it will affect the shortcoming of not being 4G network compatible. Any comments would be appreciated.
And bravo to Steve Jobs, a brilliant technologist. Too bad no one's ever come up with a chance drawing to work with him for a week, and thereby, pick his brilliant mind...

posted on 04 Apr 2011, 22:27

1. thebikerboi2 (Posts: 144; Member since: 01 Apr 2011)

iphone 5 will be compatable with the 4G network it even says in the specs

posted on 11 Apr 2011, 18:22

2. stretch (unregistered)

I have been waiting long enough for the iphone 5. If it is not released in June, and if it is no 4G compatible, then they have really dropped the ball on this one. I believe it could be the beginning of the post Steve Jobs era, where things no longer are on the cutting edge, they are no longer coming out on time, and their quality takes a dive. I am on the verge of defecting from apple products, and if they delay the release, I am gone!

posted on 15 Oct 2011, 01:34

11. @techho (unregistered)

theres no was it will be released in june.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 20:58 1

4. trizzy (unregistered)

Yo Apple products are the best. You will be a fool for dropping apple but i am pretty sure able doesn't care if u dropped them. The iPhones are new breeds of phones that change the game. The A5 will be be better than any other phone on the market and if they delay it then that means it needs more work. Don't rush perfection. Apple hasn't let us down yet and I'm pretty sure they don't plan to

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 16:42

5. Berzerk (unregistered)

Most likely, the next iphone will not have 4G. It's true that it says it does in the specs, but those are (as explained in red print at the top of the page) preliminary and could be incorrect. Apple is indeed missing out on a great opportunity to keep their earned fan-base, they are falling behind in the smartphone world and the late release on their next iphone is not helping. Apple is far from perfect, as are all other phone manufacturers, and Apple is also not any closer to being perfect than the rest of them. Many once loyal Iphone fans, like myself, are getting tired of the same thing. Virtually same design, same OS, ect. ect. I can safely say that if iphone users do not see an at least 4" screen, more personalization, and 4G, Apple will have the lowest sales in their history. Their so called 'revolutionary' product, has just become a bore. Many people will drop out on Apple, all because Steve didn't want to change anything.

posted on 21 Sep 2011, 09:11 1

7. keepdreaming (unregistered)

FOR YOU TRIZZY--apple hasn't let you down yet? OK...where do i began...iphone 4 needed a booster around the phone when introduced because of antennae design...3.7 in screen--coupled with NO FLASH--blaming Adobe--so you will continue to have a RETINA DISPLAY with NO FLASH--like a HD TV with no HDMI cable--no storage 16 or 32 and you pay a big difference for this gap in storage..no sd card, no battery removal, no univesal phone charge even when the ITU said micro usb is the standard--- no customization--it is what it is--ONE BUTTON WONDER phone--dropped calls--was in Vegas-friend had to use my DROID phone because he couldn't even get a signal in the Wynn Hotel---no gps--unless you pay an arm and leg for it...I will stop here....I guess Apple didn't let you down..keep dreaming...

posted on 21 Sep 2011, 09:24 1

8. DROIDX0430 (Posts: 469; Member since: 24 Nov 2010)

You forgot (keepdreaming) to add that you have to be on WIFI to get the phone to work at it's best---FACETIME----
Google + hangout video chat only needs 3G or LTE, Google Talk only needs 3G or LTE to work--No wifi---what good is a phone if you need to be stuck to a WIFI connection in order for it to work...DROID DOES!

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