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iconia's a500 screen

batheeb (unregistered) 06 May 2011, 06:40 posted on

I was really disappointed when heard about the iconia's a500 screen. It supports 262k colors, that is, capable of showing only 262144 colors instead of 16 million colors !!!.
I don't know actually if that really does matter at all, but I do feel that screen isn't gonna be that good.
kindly asking, if anyone had the device, could you please tell us the general impression of the device's screen, the quality of watching movies and browsing photos.
thanks alot.

posted on 19 May 2011, 18:24

1. stonedodie (unregistered)

Being someone who is using the A500 now I think its a great tablet. Very powerful, screen quality is amazing, and movies in the tab itself or through the mini HDMI port its amazing. I'm not sure why this site is saying it is capable of using 4G, or any cell network for that matter, I'm pretty sure its just wi-fi. The GpS works great, everythng works great really. The auto spellcheck is great, better then gayapple, in my mind at least. I dunno man, from the gig of ram to the mini SD expandable, to the USB port, its awesome. I heard some keyboard/dock might be coming out for the bottom port. I know theres a dock but supposedly the keyboard dock will have an extra battery and two additional USB ports. I highly reccomend it, I just saw the W500 which has two gigs ram instead of one and an and single core instead of a tegra dual core, but it has windows pre-installed on it and comes with the keyboard/dock. I think this tab... I know this tab could easily run XP or even win seven if I wanted. You wanted a reply so I figured I'd try to help ya out bud. Oh and I've already rooted it for super user, and that was two weeks ago. Just imagine what you'll be able to do in a few months. Awesome tab and being a first time owner of a device with the android os I'm still in awe of the speed of this tiny screen. Fifteen years ago I had a toshiba desktop with a two ft. tower with eight gig HD lol, would have laughed at you if you told me something like this tab would be avalible in my lifetime. Hope this helped.

posted on 28 Jun 2011, 22:40

2. Issac (unregistered)

I have a week with it. But let me say something really important, if you can't afford Galaxy Tab 10.1 or can't find the Eepad transformer, this is an awsome choice. I got this one because there's only the Iconia and Xoom in my country (Mexico), but there was a $200 difference bewtween the two. I like that it has 5mpx and flash, also the metalic feeling is awsome. A little dissapointment is the lack of 3G, though, I barely use 3G/4G. Screen...well, if it's a crucial factor for you, skip this one, viewing angles are perfect, and brightness is good, but the pixel density is not that great, it's not bad or washed out, but you can see some pixels. Oh, it also has Dolby Mobile, which is great.

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