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webOS coming to all HP PCs starting next year

0. phoneArena posted on 09 Mar 2011, 07:55

Just when you started thinking there was a clear line drawn between PCs and tablets, HP's very own Leo Apotheker announced that every PC shipped by the company will come with webOS on board along with the standard Windows…

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posted on 09 Mar 2011, 08:11

1. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

desperate much? sounds like the nokia/windows phone 7 idea again...xD

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 08:15

2. charles711 (unregistered)

i know webos originated with the palm pre but how is this article related to phones? isn't this "phonearena"???

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 12:18

3. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

...WebOS is a mobile OS that is evolving into a desktop OS. I think that's suitable for PhoneArena.

This could be really good or really bad. Good if they are smart about it. Make sure that you either have Microsoft Office that will work for WebOS or do it Apple style and make your own Office suite. I think that's clutch for a new OS. Other than that, I'd say they should mimic Nintendo in getting a good deal of in house developers to come up with different applications and software for the operating system. Third party developers should be a focus, but until they are willing to buy on to the idea, get your own and expand the market.

If this is successful, Microsoft is going to have a time trying to convice other manufacturers to keep licensing their OS. Large companies will stay with them, but...who knows.

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 21:41

5. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

they are doing what apple does. which is smart cause apple shares have gone up 1000% since 2005...

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 17:31

4. mkl4466 (Posts: 53; Member since: 25 Sep 2008)

Based on what I heard from an hp rep, the webOS experience probably won't be a full blown pc OS to replace windows, rather it will be a program running on the machine to compliment your smartphone and make it easy to sync contacts and media. The webOS 2.0 running on the pre2 is pretty sweet; there are some slick enhancements to the original version. I might actually hold off on buying a new computer for awhile just to see how this all works out.

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 23:20

6. Hell-o-Dirt (unregistered)

I recently bought a basic HP laptop and I am hoping they either offer Web-OS to recent laptop customers or give us the option to purchase it at a low price. I think that this move will start the much needed revolution towards a simple OS that easily transitions to each of the user's devices so that synchronization is beyond easy. I love my android but the ability to do what HP is hinting at has me excited. I look forward to what HP can do with this. There is SOOO much potential here, but will HP be able to do it?

posted on 10 Mar 2011, 20:48

7. homineyhominey (unregistered)

WebOS won't be the replacement to windows. like mkl4466 said, it wil be complimentary. WebOS was an excellent software backed by terrible hardware. The new palm devices are going to be great. 1.4ghz processor and no one is talking about it. Everyone is talking about duo-core phones and what that can do. Until developers devolp for duo core phones, the 1.4 ghz power will be unmatched. Remember a couple years ago when 1 ghz laptops were amazing? I like the idea of being able to have all of your devices sync seemlesly. That is how Apple became what it is. iPhone is huge because of simplicity of use and of sync. No need for weird 3rd party software like Double Helix. You'll be able to do everything with the WebOS. I am super excited about the tablet. I remember getting my pixi and thinking, "This would be great on a tablet."

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