Best phone deals at Affordable Mobiles in 2023

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Best phone deals at Affordable Mobiles in 2023
Affordable Mobiles has been around for quite some time now - since 2007. It is one of the UK's top mobile phone operators. Also, Affordable Mobiles often has good deals on some of the best smartphones on the market, so if you live in the United Kingdom and are looking for a good smartphone deal, Affordable Mobiles might be the right place for you.

Affordable Mobiles phones come with a contract, but the most important thing is that the prices here are among the most affordable in the UK. From the latest iPhone 14 to the latest Galaxy S, the retailer has attractive offers for it all.

You can buy new phones from Affordable Mobiles, but it also sells refurbished models in good-as-new condition. On top of that, you can get SIM-only plans and SIM-free phones.

All the purchases from Affordable Mobiles are online, but the retailer offers next-day delivery, a wide variety of phone deals, and many contract options to best match your needs. They even offer cashback with purchases paid directly to your account.

Below we've selected for you the best Affordable Mobiles deals on phones available right now, and stay tuned; we'll continuously update this list as new offers come up!

Affordable Mobiles phone deals right now

Best iPhone deals from Affordable Mobiles

  • Get the brand new iPhone 14 128GB for £47 per month with unlimited minutes, texts, and 350GB of data with no upfront cost. This is an O2 deal.

iPhone 14 128GB

Get the iPhone 14 128GB for just £47 per month with unlimited texts, calls, and 350GB of data without paying any upfront cost.

  • Get the iPhone 13 with a huge 100GB of mobile data for £38 a month without paying any upfront cost. If you want a great new iPhone, and you need a decent amount of mobile data, along with unlimited minutes and texts, this offer is definitely worth your consideration. This is a Three deal.

iPhone 13 128GB

Get it now with 100GB of data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and no upfront cost.

  • Buy the iPhone 12 with unlimited text, minutes, and 200GB of data with no upfront cost. Currently, Affordable Mobiles is offering Apple's iPhone 12 with a data plan from O2 giving you unlimited text, minutes, and 200GB of data with no upfront cost for £37 a month.

iPhone 12 64GB

It comes with 200GB of mobile data

  • Get the iPhone 11 with unlimited mobile data, minutes, and texts. If you don't care for the latest iPhone then this offer is for you. You can save some money and get the iPhone 11 instead, and for just £26 a month, you'll also have unlimited data, texts, and minutes. Oh, and there is no upfront cost.

iPhone 11 64GB

No upfront cost; unlimited data, texts, and minutes!

Best Samsung deals from Affordable Mobiles

  • Buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G for just £24 a month, and get 33GB of data, and unlimited minutes and texts. If you're team Samsung and are looking to get something easier on the pocket than a flagship, and don’t need a huge data allowance, the A53 covers all the basics. You can have it for £22 a month, and it comes with 33GB of data, plus unlimited texts and calls. Oh, and there is no upfront cost. This is a Vodafone deal.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 128GB

No upfront cost, 33GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes

  • Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 with unlimited minutes, text, and data for just £31 a month. Right now, you can have the Samsung Galaxy S22 for just £31 a month. It comes with unlimited minutes, text, and data. Also, there is no upfront cost.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Get the Galaxy S22 for just £31 a month with unlimited texts, calls, and data. There is no upfront cost.

  • Buy the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy S23 for £38 a month and get 100GB of data. If you want to get the latest flagship from Samsung, you can now do so for £38 per month. With this deal, you will also receive 100GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes. Oh, and you won't pay £44.99 as an upfront cost. This is a Three deal.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Buy the Galaxy S23 for £38 a month. Through this deal, you get unlimited texts and minutes and 100GB of data. There is no upfront cost.

Best Google Pixel deals from Affordable Mobiles

Get the Pixel 7a, Google's latest budget phone, for just £22 a month and receive a free pair of earbuds. You can now get Google's all-new budget phone, the Pixel 7a, with a data plan from Three giving you unlimited text, minutes, and 30GB of data. You will also receive a free pair of Pixel Buds. Oh, and if you get a Pixel 7a right now, you won't pay £64.99 as an upfront cost.

Google Pixel 7a

No upfront cost; unlimited texts and minutes; 30GB of data; Free Pixel Buds.

Are Affordable Mobiles phone deals worth it?

If you're based in the UK and are looking for a good price on a smartphone, along with really solid mobile data plans, then indeed – those Affordable Mobiles deals we have here are definitely worth your consideration.

Stay tuned, as we'll be updating them as new deals pop up and old ones expire.

Are Buy Mobiles and Affordable Mobiles the same company?

Yes. Affordable Mobiles does operate other websites for selling phones, including,, and other communications brands as well. Affordable Mobiles is operated by A1 Comms Ltd.

Are Affordable Mobiles refurbished?

Some of them, yes. The retailer also sells new phones, and usually, the newest premium models from Apple or Samsung are only sold new.

As for the refurbished phones the retailer offers, those are usually phones that have been returned within 14 days of purchase or have been recycled after use. However, the standard to which they are tested is very high to ensure the best quality, so you won't have any worry if you decide to go for this more affordable option.

What should you know about Affordable Mobiles?

Affordable Mobiles is an online mobile phone retailer which sells new and refurbished phones for very low prices, with or without a contract. Phones purchased from Affordable Mobiles work with the major UK networks including EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone, and as the retailer works with them, you can get contract deals and also Pay As You Go options from those service providers.

On top of all that, Affordable Mobiles' customer service is great with many happy users (in fact, its Trustpilot score is 4,5 stars out of five with nearly 15,000 reviews!)

Additionally, Affordable Mobiles offers a free upgrade around 45 days before your contract ends, so keep that in mind when you're planning your purchase.

What are the benefits of using a retailer like Affordable Mobiles?

The biggest benefit is, as you may have noticed above in the deals, the price of the handsets. The retailer's main focus is offering you the best price possible for a given handset, and if you're on a budget, Affordable Mobiles is very likely to have the best offer on the phone you're after.

On top of that, given the fact that the retailer works with UK's main network providers, you can get a deal with O2, EE, Three, or Vodafone, and enjoy their excellent 5G and 4G coverage. You can also get SIM-free phones or SIM-only deals with next-day delivery.

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