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T-Mobile to release the LG Stylo 4 this week

The US carrier T-Mobile is expected to release the LG Stylo 4 smartphone this week.
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I dunno. My Moto G5 Plus only has 2 GB RAM and I multitask just fine. Maybe it's the SD625?


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I will never understand why they won't just use the 6xx chipsets and have it behave closer to a flagship device


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Only 2GB RAM for $250? What a ripoff! MetroPCS has the same phone for $70 with a port-over ($30 phone + $30 plan + $10 activation fee). Never buy phones from TMobile!


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Still no word if and when boost mobile gets it


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No Plus versions? It has less ram than Cricket's version.


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But cricket Stylo doesn't NFC and the battery capacity as far as I know is lower than TMO/Metro


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If it has one more gb of ram......I will get it.


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The LG Stylo 4 is in a good spot in LG's lineup. Great features for the price! It looks like we'll see overlap with the LG Q7 Stylus models, and also, the snapdragon 450 is "pin compatible" with the newer series of 600's, so the 4th gen stylo plus has room to move. TM/Metro Stylo 4 - SD450/2GB, 32GB, 13MP/5MP Cricket Stylo 4 - SD450/3GB, 32GB, No NFC, No QC, 13MP/5M Stylus Q7 Alpha - (MT6750S/SD450)/3GB, 32GB, 13MP/5MP Stylus Q7- (MT6750S/SD450)/3GB, 32GB, 16MP.8MP Stylus Q7 Plus- (MT6750S/SD450)/4GB, 64GB, 16MP.8MP The base Metro/TM Stylo 4 is only missing LTE Band 14,25,26,29,30 in the US. TM - 2,4,12,66,71 AT&T - 2,4,5,12 Verizon - 2,4,13 (LTE Only compatible?) Sprint - 41 If the Sprint/TM merger goes thru and Verizon allows BYOD, this phone may be a hidden gem in LTE simfree devices. With CDMA being phased-out, this may be your last 4G LTE phone before the 5G models are released.