Yet another (colorful) Samsung Galaxy S24 series secret may have been revealed well ahead of time

Yet another (colorful) Samsung Galaxy S24 series secret may have been revealed well ahead of time
UPDATE: The final Galaxy S24 chromatic puzzle pieces may have already fallen into place, as Ross Young has added three possible "online exclusive" colors to his initial four-hue prediction. These are orange, light blue, and light green, which means that white is still missing from the equation. Of course, nothing is etched in stone until Samsung makes its formal announcement(s), so if you're dreaming of a white S24 Ultra for... Valentine's Day, don't give up hope just yet. Our original story follows below.


We honestly can't remember right now if there was ever a time when the world's most interesting mobile products remained a question mark up until their official announcements, but what we know for sure is that such a thing is no longer (remotely) possible.

Take the Galaxy S24 family. This is almost certainly still at least three months away from a commercial debut at the time of this writing, but a multitude of well-connected insiders and well-informed leakers have already revealed not only how many members it will include, also spoiling quite a few of the specific secrets of each individual member, as well as the ultra-high-end trio as a whole.

The latest revelation comes from one of the most prolific and trustworthy industry analysts out there, but although we have no reason to doubt the veracity of the information spilled by Ross Young on the social network formerly known as Twitter earlier today, this is probably incomplete.

Three models, four color options, at least one major omission

Black, gray, violet, and yellow. These are the four paint jobs tipped by Young to adorn the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra. In lack of any other details apart from the three device names (lumped together) and their respective colorways, we're left assuming (at least for the time being) that all S24 models will come in all of these hues.

While we're obviously far from surprised to hear that the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra will (allegedly) be coated in black and gray colors (exactly like their predecessors), seeing not one and not two but three yellow Android powerhouses released by Samsung at the same time would definitely be unusual and unexpected.

Keep in mind that no members of the S23, S22, S21, or even S20 family were ever sold in this flashy flavor, while the "Canary Yellow" Galaxy S10e was itself not matched by the S10 or S10 Plus back in 2019. Yellow phones in general are pretty rare nowadays, so if this rumor does pan out in its entirety, Samsung could certainly stand out from the pack in this small but notable and potentially attention-grabbing way.

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As far as the violet version is concerned, that also sounds a little unusual for premium Galaxy handsets, although there's clearly a good possibility it will strongly resemble the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra's "Lavender" flavor.

What's shockingly missing from this palette is some shade of white (like "Cream" or "Phantom White"), but before crawling into a corner to cry, you should remember how distant Samsung's Galaxy S24 series launch still is at the moment.

More to come?

If history is any indication, at least one model will be made available in more color options than the other two phones in at least some global markets. 

This year's Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance, is sold in red and sky blue hues in addition to the phantom black, cream, green, lavender, graphite, and lime versions both the "regular" Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus are also available in around the world.

That means all of our hopes of seeing next year's Galaxy S24 Ultra monster rock a stunning red exterior are far from shattered, and surprise additions to the S24 series lineup shouldn't be ruled out until much closer to the expected January 2024 announcement.

There's also still a strong possibility that the S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra will share five or six different colorways in common rather than just four, with the aforementioned white (or cream) and green shades remaining very much on the table for now.

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