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Nokia 3.1 Plus goes official with no-notch 6-inch screen, dual rear cameras, crazy low price

The Nokia 3.1 Plus is the latest in a long line of Android One phones from HMD Global, priced incredibly low in India with respectable overall specs and features.
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For the price that the Nokia 3.1 comes in at, and comparing what it has vs what it doesn’t have, this is a pretty good and competitive smartphone for the low end segment of the smartphone market.


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Good phones are getting cheap. Cheap phones are getting good.


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I wish OEM’s like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and a few others adopted the theory of “good phones are getting cheap”, lol.


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this is awesome. it seems Nokia follows the old nexus line. Cheaper phones, decent specs and pure android. well done. 2or 3GB is more than enough to run every game out there.


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Costlier than 5.1 plus in India...lol


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Front Design and build material is alot better than Nokia X or notch line smartphones.Hope Nokia keep it alive on 2019 midranges.


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Front design and build materials are a lot better than Nokia's previous midrangers and phones with notches. Hope Nokia keeps this notchless trend alive on its 2019 midrangers. Fixed.


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I love this!!!!!


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I'd love to hear the explanation from any tech writer about how good build quality is so rare in a low-end phone. Why? Quality build is not attained on the assembly line, it's in the CAD room and the purchasing office. You don't have $20/hr workers with 140 IQs building the Nokia 8 and $9/hr Forrest Gumps building the 3.1. It doesn't work that way. A company like Nokia has a reputation for quality because there is a culture in place, not because they spend more on materials or labor. True, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken s**t but this is a specialized industry where 2nd rate isn't tolerable in most markets.


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Why make low end phones with huge screens?!


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Because there is a large segment of the population that cannot afford highend or even midrange smartphones, but they still would like to have things that these smartphones offer, like good build quality and looks, large screens, etc. This is how an OEM differentiates from the pack in order to away those consumers to buy their products.