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iPad Pro 2018 leaks with slim bezels, no notch in sight!

A set of newly leaked renders from a screen protector manufacturer reveals the iPad Pro 2018 in all its bezel-less glory.
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Some people are so hilarious. How can there be a notch when the bezel width is like 6-8mm ? There is room for anything you want inside those bezels, a notch is only necessary when you want like 2mm bezels !


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drop dead gorgeous


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iPhone Pro 2018.. yeah


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Haha was thinking the same, pretty sure they meant iPad Pro 2018


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iPads do not have a phone ear piece on the top near the camera. The reason we have such a huge notch on the phone is because there are many sensors in there. Its already written in the code the new iPads with landscape orientation face id is coming. I would also think that it is common sense to know that face id is coming when removing touch ID.


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My next new toy. Bring it on.


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Wait... if there isn’t Face ID then wouldn’t there have to be a home button? I wouldn’t imagine they would add the corner to corner screen if they couldn’t even use the thumbprint verification anymore. Any info there?


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That's looks stunning, well done apple


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If that’s it, then wowwwww! Very nice!


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If that's the design then iOS 12 on iPads make total sense now, the new gestures will feel more natural on these devices.


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Beautiful! Getting the 12.9" for sure. I will be upgrading from my 10.5" Pro. All I need is the WIFI version. Why add $10/mo on your bill for LTE version. Mobile Hotspot works just as effective. LOL!


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No cap! I'm cashing out! Android tablets are Doo Doo I gave them a try and wanted to shoot myself.


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Rounded corners are annoying.


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Can't agree with that, it makes the device lines very smooth. That's one good looking tablet there.


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So Google has found more courage than Apple after all. Amazing. Those round corners look disgusting though.


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That's one beautiful looking device, so smooth lines.

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Looks identical to the Galaxy Tab S4 and Samsung Book tablet book for Windows. Apple already using their photocopiers that Flash saying other gonna do.... Lol


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Tab S4 does not have round display corners, fortunately. It's idiotic to cut off pieces of the screen for no reason. Maybe it will be just this render and not the actual tablet but these days...


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It still looks similar. I never said it look exactly like it. You're trying to find one thing different. They are similar enough to get an idea Apple isn't doing something someone else didn't do already.


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Personally I don't think this and the 16:10 Tab S4 are that close but whatever. The aspect ratio alone makes them quite different in my eye. But if you want to force the issue they all look similar at the end of the day, they're all tablets.


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nice looking tablet.

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